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Dinamo Riga continued their two game home stretch this time taking on the visitors - the Severstal team from Cherepovets. Riga are coming off of a victory against Sochi - defeating their opponent on the home-soil for the first time in history while Severstal have taken off and have put together a very consistent stretch and currently are riding a three-game winning streak.

Both sides met during Riga’s previous road trip where the game went into the OT and the game winner went to the home side with a score of 2:1. For Sergei Zubov’s men motivation doesn’t have to be looked for - they will need to put together some sort of winning series in order to climb in the standings while also Riga has lost seven in a row against the Severstal team and a win right now would be huge. Nikolajs Jelisejevs has emerged as the go-to guy for the home side as he has earned points in four straight games and is looking to extend the streak.

Open hockey to begin things but Severstal was the team that created the most chances early, however, Riga’s Mattsson was in his place. First real chance for Riga came with 11 minutes and 24 seconds left in the first period but Shugayev stood tall and turned the puck away. Both sides controlled the puck towards the end of the first frame in both offensive zones but nothing with substance could be created and therefore no goals after twenty.

Good news early on for Riga was that Lauris Dārziņš returned to the line-up, however he was the first one to get penalised early in the second - luckily for the captain and his team the net was left untouched. Severstal kept pressuring to create the chances but nothing would go past Mattsson up until late in the frame when Joonas Nattinen skated in front from behind the net and put the puck in goal with a backhander. Riga finished off the period with another penalty giving Severstal a chance to extend their lead.

Dinamo managed to kill the carry-over penalty and that appeared to have given some confidence to Zubov’s players - time spent in the offensive zone increased giving them opportunities to equalise the score. After a dominant second period for the visitors the game once again opened towards the end of the game and the story continued - two-way game without real scoring chances. After some heavy hitting a fight was close to breaking out, referees managed the situation and awarded Dinamo with a power-play - potentially the last chance for them to tie the game and they had their chances, however the opposing goalie was better therefore the penalty kill was successful.

Zubov called timeout at the very end of the period, pulled his goalie and that gave Severstal the chance to double the lead - Morozov did exactly that on a breakaway against an empty Dinamo’s net giving his team two points and a well earned 2:0 victory.

Robert Rooba who’s the first Estonian player that has made it to KHL was really happy with his team's victory - fans from his home country had come over to support him and for the most part - all eyes were on him.

“Our goalie had a shutout and that’s awesome, our goalies have been great lately, our defensive game was well disciplined and the second period goal was important.” Rooba said when asked about what made the difference in this game also adding that his teams defense can still improve - “It’s still early, we can always do ever better.”

“For two periods we cannot deal with Severstal pressure. In the third period we created some chances, but it was like half-chances. When we got on powerplay we played unresponsible. Anyway we had a chance to get back to the game. We didn’t capitalize and lost the game” admitted Sergei Zubov.

"We played very disciplined. It was our best second period of the season. Unfortunately, we scored only once. In the third our team looked solid, we killed penalties. Guys played great, so keep going," said Andrei Razin, head coach of Severstal.

Dinamo Riga is heading to the longest trip of the season where Latvian team will play in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Novosibirsk.

Aivis Kalnins Aivis Kalnins
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