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For the first time this season Dinamo Riga has managed to earn two victories in a row, after defeating Barys Nur-Sultan at home with a score 3:2. Johan Mattsson turned away 30 of 32 shots he faced and Frank Corrado, Sebastian Wannstrom and Emile Poirier were the goal scorers allowing their team at least for a short while climb up to eight place in the conference.

Team captain Oskars Cibulskis said that he feels ‘’fantastic’’ after the victory: ‘’We went out to fight and we fought hard in the first and second period, in the third we let the game slip away a bit but we still fought, we threw ourselves in front of the pucks and in the end we won.’’ When asked what were the reasons for the victories he insisted that the special teams once again decided the game - ‘’Power-play, penalty-kill, we played well in both situations and as a team we battled really well.’’

Sergei Zubov was happy with how his team played: ‘’If you ignore the final three seconds of the game when the opponent got their second goal - we controlled the game. The second period was really good and our power-play worked well.’’

Dinamo side played the best first period of the home series - they hadn’t managed to score a goal in the opening frame in the previous three games but this time against Barys they got two within 14 seconds.

First 13 minutes into the period Riga capitalised on power-play when with a shot from the blueline Frank Corrado opened up the scoring. Ortio had no chance of making that save as Gints Meija was all over him in front of the net, shielding the goalkeeper's sight.

14 seconds later the lead was doubled - Peter Tiivola battled for the puck by the boards and went on to a two-one-one with Sebastian Wannstrom. Wannstrom shot the puck, Ortio seemingly stopped the puck but it fell and slowly slid into the net to make it 2:0.

In the second period both goalies demonstrated that they will be hard to beat stopping 18 shots between them. Both sides had chances on man advantage but those went unused as well. Dinamo was the closest to another goal when Alexander Protapovich and Jere Karjalainen rang the outer structure of the net.

At the start of the third Dinamo got their fourth chance to score on power-play and they managed to use that opportunity. Lukas Radil patiently waited for his teammates to arrive and then gave a perfect pass to Emile Poirier who then made it 3:0.

Unfortunately for Mattsson who had been stellar so far for the home team wasn’t able to seal a shutout victory. With just under eight minutes left Nikita Mikhailis had his chance to try and get his team back into the game but the Swedish goalie turned the shot away however, after a quick combination Joe Morrow was right in front of the net and used his experience to get his team their first goal in the competition.

Towards end of the game Barys pushed and pushed hard, Mattsson bailed out his team on multiple occasions but the opponents managed to squeak another one past him - with 1.6 seconds left in the game Nikita Mikhailis got himself a goal but that wasn’t enough for them to have a chance in this game and Riga earned themselves two points in back-to-back games.

Two wins in a row before heading on the road are always huge for any team, Cibulskis agreed - ‘’Any win gives you good emotions, especially at home. Our fans really support us here and I’m really happy to win and showcase what we are capable of to our spectators.’’ his coach Zubov was on the same page: ‘’To win this game and to earn points - it’s a good impulse for the team prior heading to play games on the road.’’

After this contest Dinamo Riga is still few points away from the playoff berth. Latvian side is heading to road trip where will face with Spartak and Dynamo in Moscow before flying to Cherepovets for a matchup against Andrei Razin's Severstal.

Aivis Kalnins Aivis Kalnins
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