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Both teams returned to their KHL schedule after an off week due to the Euro Hockey Tour tournament that was played in Jokerit home town Helsinki. KHL’s homeland Russia lost to Sweden and Finland, but managed to win Czech Republic on Sunday.

The host country Finland on the other hand won Russia, as mentioned and also got the points from the Czech’s. Sweden was better on Sunday’s last game and therefore took the victory from the tournament.

As their most recent games in the KHL Dynamo, the home team for Monday had won two out their last five matches. Jokerit were on a four-game winning-streak.

There were players participating in the EHT tournament, which meant that the teams weren’t able to get their best line-ups together. The game had a little bit of a slow start and once the home team got the lead, they weren’t willing to give it to Jokerit anymore. Dynamo got the points with the score 3–1.

”In a top level game like this you need to be successful in the beginning and we weren’t.Then we improved a lot, but our shots went to the posts and we scored only once”, said Jokerit head coach Lauri Marjamäki after the game.

Jokerit started slowly

Not long after the first puck drop the home team got the lead. After a puck lost by Jokerit, Eric O’Dell ran in to breakaway and slided the puck behind Anders Lindbäck, who got the start on the Helsinki team’s net. Dynamo got the momentum once they got ahead.

Jokerit had major difficulties to get the puck out of their own zone with control. There weren’t many breaks in the first period, so the visitors couldn’t get their game in order, but they had to mostly go along with the pace that Dynamo set on the ice. Jokerit didn’t get a single shot towards Dynamo net in a long time down in the first period.

The Swedish goaltender Lindbäck got to make a few big saves as Dynamo forwards rushed towards Jokerit zone. On the other hand Jokerit weren’t able to cross from the corners to the net that was guarded by Ivan Bocharov.

Jokerit got a chance to score a tying goal, when Rob Klinkhammer was sent to serve a minor penalty. Out of the blue Nicklas Jensen shot the puck to the crossbar behind Bocharov, but still the Helsinki team couldn’t capitalize on the special forces.

”We were fresh tonight as we had good training period last week. This was a high pace game and we were able to feel it. Maybe it was also noticeable, that there weren’t many breaks in the game”, wondered Jokeri defenceman Tommi Kivistö.

Dynamo stayed in lead

The visitors started the second period way better than the game itself. Both Kalle Kossila and Marko Anttila had good chances to pass Bocharov, but Kossila’s shot hit the post and Jokerit captain blasted the puck straifght to Dynamo goaltender’s lap. There also was a power play that boosted the game for Jokerit.

Jokerit tied the game by a surprice. Kivistö shot the puck from the blue line and as Bocharov wasn’t able to see, when the shot was sent, his attempt to catch was a bit weird-looking. All in all, the score was tied to 1–1, which made it a completely new hockey game in Moscow’s evening.

”I think we played well in the second and the third period, but the start was a bit sticky. In general we played a good game, but just couldn’t get it tied. I think my goal gave us strenght and energy to believe that we are still in it to win”, Kivistö mentioned.

Teemu Turunen was close to be sent off due to his tackle in the neutral zone, but after a review the referees decided to give only a minor penalty for interference to Jokerit forward. Dynamo couldn’t get anything done on the first power play opportunity.

Playing four against four Dynamo got an attack and Mikhail Fisenko was able to surprice Lindbäck from the corner of the net despite the effort of David Sklenicka to try to deny Dynamo forward to send his shot.

Jokerit didn’t get the game tied

The third period started in kind of an even fashion as neither of them teams were able to create offensive plays and the defensive game was on point in both ends of the ice. As in the earlier periods, also in the decisive one there weren’t many breaks to interrupt the flow. The longest time without a break was over seven minutes.

Dynamo were able to push the possession and pressure to Jokerit zone and thus make the clock run in their own favor. The opening passes for the Helsinki team were mostly intercepted or blown away due to lack of focus.

Jokerit got the game towards Bocharov on the last minutes of the game, but still Dynamo defended their lead strictly. Jokerit used their option to have a time out and also to pull Lindbäck off, but still the home team managed to keep the puck away. The scoring leader of the whole KHL Vadim Shipachyov put an empty-netter on the scoreboard.

”On to the last period the opponent defended well. We tried to have good quality offensive game, but we lacked the last bit of effort. Therefore the opponent deserved the narrow win”, Marjamäki stated.

Jokerit lost after a while

Dynamo were able to reach their good state of playing earlier than Jokerit, which helped them to control the events on the ice. The Helsinki team wasn’t able to find the way to score another tying goal. The winning-streak ended for Jokerit.

The teams will continue their games the way that Jokerit faces Admiral at home ice on Wednesday and Dynamo will compete against their rival opponent CSKA.

”We need to take care of the start. We also want to play a good full 60 minutes. In my opinion we lost too many pucks on the neutral zone. We need to get through there better and so create offensive plays”, Jokerit goal-scorer Kivistö concluded.

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