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Jokerit came into the game with a six games winning streak. During that streak the Helsinki team also took a victory over Lokomotiv, when the teams competed a week ago on Jokerit home ice. On that game Anders Lindbäck allowed zero goals in his net, and John Norman and Jesse Joensuu scored a goal each.

Since that match, Lokomotv had played one game in which they beated Nizhni Novgorod 4–3. Reid Boucher scored twice in that game and Denis Alexeyev assisted three goals. Jokerit had some rotation in their lineup after spending last week in Helsinki.

”It felt good to be back after missing a game. We left some room for improvement with my line, but as a team effort it was a good game”, said Teemu Turunen, who plays his first KHL season.

Turunen has played on a top level for quite some time and he has gained some experience from European elite hockey.

”If you compare KHL to Finnish league or Switzerland, where I was in last season, the pace is somewhat the same than in Switzerland, but the game is a bit more physical. The game is on an international level in every game”, the forward stated.

On Monday’s game in Yaroslavl Jokerit were able to score from their chances and they survived the moments, when Lokomotiv pushed hard. The end result was 4–1 in favor of the visitors.

”I think we raised the level of our game. Even we won at home, we didn’t play this well. It is a sign of a good team to be able to improve, when even playing against tougher opponents. Lokomotiv was tougher today than in the game in Helsinki”, said Jokerit head coach Lauri Marjamäki.

Jokerit finished the first period efficiently

The game started with high pace as both of the teams wanted to get their skates moving. After a few electric minutes the teams started to show how important puck-possession is to the game. The forechecking was high on both ends, but the teams seemed to find ways to get under the pressure.

Lokomotiv’s second line lead by Pavel Kraskovsky got a good shift running in Jokerit end of the ice, but the momentum collapsed as Yegor Korshkov took a penalty in the offensive zone. However, Nicklas Jensen put the strenght to even after hooking himself to the penalty box right after Korshkov.

Jokerit got themselves a little bit in touble due to the penalties, but got back to the track again when they earned another power play opportunity. Jokerit were able to keep the game in their hands and created a few potential scoring chances.

The visitors also got themselves surpricingly strongly on the scoreboard before the first intermission. David Sklenicka shot the puck towards Eddie Pasquale’s net and Hannes Björninen was there to steer it in to the net. The goal was Björninen’s first in the KHL.

Following his fellow defenceman Sklenicka’s example Philip Holm also shot the puck from the blue line trying to reach the net through the scrum that was formed in front of Pasquale. The puck found its’ way all the way to the back of the goal, giving Jokerit a 2–0 lead.

Lokomotiv got on the scoreboard

Jokerit managed to keep their appearance good coming in to the second period. The visitors also got another power play to increase their lead – and that they did, as Björninen scored his second of the night near the goal post.

The home team struggled to get their game together after leaving badly behind. Pasquale had to stay alert, in case of another scoring chance for Jokerit.

The second line of Lokomotiv had excellent chances also in the second period to make the score even a little tighter. The Swedishman Lindbäck was at his top level stopping the pucks for the visitors.

Jokerit were about to get a penalty late in the period, when Lokomotiv scored their first goal. Georgi Ivanov finished the play after the puck drifted to him from the back of Jokerit net. The home team was very close to score even more goals, but Lindbäck and the intermission buzzer saved Jokerit from the setback.

Coach’s challenge didn’t help Lokomotiv

Lokomotiv didn’t leave their feet or fighting spirit to the locker room and they were able to get the puck past Lindbäck in the very first moments of third period. The referee’s disallowed the goal, but Lokomotiv head coach Andrei Skabelka challenged the decision. Afterall, the call stayed the same and Lokomotiv didn’t get their second goal of the game.

The home team received a penalty for delaying the game, but Jokerit didn’t capitalize their chance. One of the best duets of the Helsinki team. Jensen and Brian O’Neill created a few chances, but Lokomotiv’s defence played well against them.

At full strenght Lokomotiv got the game pushed to Jokerit zone. Petteri Lindbohm took a penalty due to Lokomotiv’s ability to battle tough deep in the offensive end of the ice. For a while Jokerit were in big trouble on their penalty-killing as Lokomotiv fired their shots towards the net.

Out of the blue Jensen became the savior for the visitors, as he got the puck to Lokomotiv net from a counter-attack. The three-goal lead was enough for the Helsinki team to keep up with their streak.

Winning streak continues

As Jokerit got their second win against Lokomotiv within one week, they receved their seventh consecutive win in the regular season.

”This was an overall good game. In the first five minutes of the second period we were a bit struggling, but in the third period the penalty kills were valuable for us. Lindbäck was good tonight. We played two periods with only five defencemen”, concluded Marjamäki.

Jokerit will continue their tour on away ice as they will face Torpedo on Wednesday. The took a win over the Nizhni Novgorod team from their first match-up, played also recently.

”In the beginning we were strong and we played well. We managed to get through our tough moment. Although we could’ve played more with the puck on the third period. That way we would’ve stopped the opponents momentum. As the third period went on, we got ourselves better back into the game. It’s good for the future”, Turunen said.

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