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Avangard is facing an almost insurmountable task. There’s little more they can do than take things step by step, starting with a home victory tonight. Anything else means their summer begins!
19:30 Avangard (4th in the East) vs. CSKA (1st in the West)
Series stand

3 – 0 for CSKA

Game 1: 5-2 win for CSKA

Game 2: 3-0 win for CSKA

Game 3: 2-0 win for CSKA


Avangard: Karri Ramo

About the game

- In the last 6 Gagarin Cups, whichever team won Game 4 went on to win the series. In total, this has been the case in 7 of 10 Gagarin Cup finals.

- Avangard last defeated CSKA at home on January 16th, 2013, by a score of 4-3. That means that Avangard has lost to CSKA seven times in a row in Omsk.

- Shumakov is hoping to collect his 200th career KHL point. He currently has 198. In addition, he’s hoping to score his 100th career KHL goal. He has 98. With two more goals, he could hit two birds with one stone.

- Petrov is looking to collect his 250th career KHL point. He currently has 248.

- Shirokov’s next goal will be his 150th career goal in the KHL.

- Beck has the opportunity to tie the KHL record for points in the KHL playoffs in one season. He currently has 14 while record-holder Chris Lee once had 15.

- In all, CSKA has defeated Avangard in 8 straight contests. The Muscovites last lost to Avangard on October 9th, 2016, by a close 2-1 OT score.

- Okulov is hoping to collect his 50th career KHL assist.

- Blazhievsky is hoping to collect his 50th career KHL point.

- Slepyshev is looking to suit up for his 50th career KHL playoff game.

- With his next KHL playoff shutout, Sorokin would tie Nilsson’s record for shutouts in the KHL playoffs at 6.

- Sorokin has played 125:04 straight minutes without allowing a goal against.

- Grigorenko has points in 4 straight games, going 6-1-7 over that span.

Chapin Landvogt Chapin Landvogt
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