The Kontinental Hockey League will organize a training camp and a 3x3 tournament from June 19-30 at the Arena Mytishchi, with 68 athletes taking part.

Training camp

For the first time ever, the KHL will give players a unique chance to practice in a training camp. It will be held from June 19-30, and the advantage for the participants are evident: if earlier players had to autonomously practice in sight of the preseason camps, now they can gain shape without overthought: the League will organize itself the players’ accommodation, ice rent, and coaching – the athletes won’t have to worry about these tasks. Other than practicing in the camp, players can find their optimal shape taking part to the OLIMPBET KHL 3x3 Cup.

Players will work with professionals: on-ice coaches Mikhail Yunkov and Dmitry Astapenko, skating coach Alexandra Deyeva, trainer Alexander Dashkevich, and a goalie coach. All the aforementioned specialists have a strong background: Yunkov played more than 600 KHL career games for seven different teams and won the Gagarin Cup in 2010 and 2014; Astapenko is a player development coach for Dinamo Minsk and organizes summer camps for the top Russian and Belarusian players; Deyeva has received the Sports Master qualification and triumphed in both Russian Cup and international competitions. She also is a leader in skating coaching and has a deep experience in working with professional hockey players. Dashkevich is a trainer for Belarus senior national team and works with several KHL players.


The tournament kicks off on June 22 and ends on June 30 and is supported by the title partner OLIMPBET. KHL superstars will hit the ice – that’s why the team received the names Centaurus, Dragon, Eridan, Orion, Pegasus, Perseus, Phoenix, and Scorpion. Each team will feature between 7-9 players, including one or two goalies.


The fans will have enough players to watch, as the OLIMPBET KHL 3x3 Cup will feature Sergei Tolchinsky, Nikolai Goldobin, Vladislav Kamenev, Ansel Galimov, Rafael Batyrshin, and Andrei Zubarev. Playing with the 3x3 format, players will have more room for creativity, thus fans can expect beautiful goals, high speeds, and exceptional performance.

Tournament formula

The tournament will start with a round-robin where all teams will face each other once. The first four teams will move to the semifinals, while the remaining teams will place for the 5th through the 8th place. To give more comfort to the teams, they will play one game per day, so that players will be able to practice, tune up for the upcoming season, recover, and show some entertaining hockey.

In the semifinals, the first seed will face the fourth, and the second will welcome the third. The winners will split a 4,5 million rubles prize awarded by the title partner OLIMPBET – the first-place team will receive 3 million, the runner-up 1 million, and the third-placed 500,000 thousand rubles.


The tournament is conceived to deliver the fans a spectacular play, beautiful combinations, and high speed. Thus, it will play on a special 28x20 rink with three eight-minute periods. In case of a tie, fans will be entertained by a three-attempt shootout (with sudden-death rounds, if needed).

To keep the play at the highest pace, there won’t be a faceoff following a goalie freezing the puck – in these cases, the netminder will be forced to play the puck. There is no interference from the attacking team – its players must move away from the crease by three meters. To allow even more dynamic, the rink will be divided only by the red line, so icings and offsides are not possible here.

In case of a penalty, no PIMs will be issued, but the referees will fix a penalty shot with pursuit instead: players on the defending team will try to catch up with the shooter and prevent him to execute his attempt. For a double minor or major penalty, two shots will be awarded instead, with the first one happening without pursuit.


This revolutionary hockey format can be seen with your own eyes at the Mytishchi Ice Arena. To get to the stands you will need to perform a couple of simple actions: fill out the special form and get a free ticket, not more than four for a single person.

Group stage matches will be played from June 22-28, with four games a day every hour starting at 11 AM (Moscow time). On June 29, teams will play semifinals for places 1-4 and 5-8, with the medal games the next day. Playoff games will begin at 4 PM and 7 PM.


All games of the tournament will be broadcast live on KHL and KHL Prime TV channels. Live broadcast of the OLIMPBET KHL 3x3 Cup final and third place matches will be available on Match! In addition, all matches of the tournament will be available on the KHL YouTube channel.

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