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The KHL presents the uniforms and other kit for the participants at the Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week in Chelyabinsk, and also unveils the key visuals.


The jerseys of the four teams at the Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week deliberately use color combinations rarely seen in Russian hockey. The gold and white of Scandinavia and the black and gold of Eurasia are designs that have almost never been seen among the traditional colors of Russian teams before this season. The silver shades used for Russia and North America are something of an experiment.


Gold and silver were chosen as a nod to the colors of the Chelyabinsk crest, which shows a golden camel on a silver shield. As the uniforms developed, these colors were complemented by classical black and white: a stylish monochrome look recalls Traktor’s colors and the bold contrasts symbolize the links between hockey and heavy industry in Chelyabinsk.


In previous years, All-Star uniforms have eschewed unnecessary detail and the Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week maintains this tradition. The new designs elevate minimalism to a new level, reducing the number of colors in each uniform to just two. The Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week uniforms were designed by Vasily Ivanov, who also created the logo for Metallurg Magnitogorsk and the uniforms for the 2020 All-Star event in Moscow.

Design elements

In the past, the event logo has gone on the chest of the players in the Fonbet KHL All-Star Game. This time, that spot is reserved for the emblems of the four new teams: Eurasia, North America, Scandinavia and Russia.


The logos resemble metal shields, onto which ‘monograms’ are stamped with shortened team names (EA for Eurasia, NA for North America, SC for Scandinavia and RU for Russia). These emblems also fit into the overall visual identity of the event: each one incorporates a star, and the lower part of the shield reflects the diamond-shaped Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week logo.

The fonts used for the shortened team names, and also for the player names and numbers on each jersey, form an important part of the branding. They are inspired by stencils, a technology often seen in heavy industry.


The event logo and the crest of each player’s KHL club will sit on the players’ shoulders. To ensure the club crests don’t conflict with the design of the uniforms, they have been recast in monochrome versions which can be adapted to match each jersey.



The uniforms blend seamlessly with a hockey player’s kit. The gloves are designed to match the palette of the jerseys, appearing as a visual continuation of the sleeves. The color of the helmets also blends into the uniforms. The gloves, helmets and shorts are all produced by Bauer, the technical partner for the Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week, as part of an exclusive commission.


Key visuals

The key visual image was designed by renowned digital artist and illustrator Yegor Golopolosov. For the Fonbet 2022 All-Star Week, Yegor created a graphic inspired by cult comic books and street art. The illustration combines the shades of the weekend color scheme with the vibrant palette of comic books and graffiti.


“There was never any intent to create a realistic portrait. I wanted to generate a sense of fantasy, some kind of superhero, because it seems to me that athletes are truly superhuman,” said the artist.

Jerseys for fans

Souvenir jerseys in the colors of the four teams at the Fonbet All-Star Week are produced by Atributika&Club, a technical partner of the Fonbet All-Star Week. The jerseys, which are on sale at the KHL’s online store, are of the highest quality. They faithfully replicate the designs worn by the players and are made using similar technology, complete with raised embroidery for the team logos and details on the sleeves.

You can order your jersey — with any choice of name and number — from the KHL’s online store.

Andy Potts Andy Potts
KHL press office KHL press office
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