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When we hear the word ‘Russia’, it comes accompanied with the twang of the balalaika and the growling of a bear to the strains of Tchaikovsky. When we say the word ‘Russia’, it’s as if crunching a sugar cube on our tongues as a river of tea flows from the samovar. When we write the word ‘Russia’, the very little pirouette their way through the Dance of the Cygnets. After all, in the mind of a foreigner, life in Russia is unimaginable without ballet, Pushkin and a game or two of chess.

During the 2021-2022 KHL season, our new project, “Imports” gives our foreign players the chance to see different sides to life in our country. We’re looking to go beyond the stereotypical view of Russia, its history and culture.

The first edition of “Imports” sees Avangard’s Corban Knight try out as a Soviet engineer, take a stroll through Moscow’s boulevards and test his skills on the chessboard.

We’re not defined by our stereotypes and we like to take a broader view. Just like the players taking part in this project, we know there’s more to Russia than caviar and steam baths – like fantastic hockey that you can follow every day!



Born Sep. 10, 1990 in Oliver, BC, Canada

Career: 2009-13 – University of North Dakota (NCAA); 2013-15 – Calgary (NHL), Abbotsford, Adirondack, San Antonio (AHL); 2015/16 – Florida (NHL), Portland (AHL); 2016-19 – Lehigh Valley (AHL), 2018/19 – Philadelphia (NHL), 2019/20 – Barys; 2020-present – Avangard.

Honors: Gagarin Cup (2021)

Andy Potts Andy Potts
KHL press office KHL press office
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