Gillian Kemmerer Gillian Kemmerer
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If you are new to the KHL, Icecast 2.0 host Gillian Kemmerer provides a crash course into the structure of the league, its rivalries and unique cultures. From the sheer geographic expanse of the league to roster composition and names to watch, prepare for the 2021-22 season with this quick introduction. What else would you like to know? Drop us a hint on social media and we will be sure to include it in a future episode of Icecast.

KHL Icecast · Icecast S2E7: KHL Watch Guide


03:30 The geography of the KHL
07:40 Roster composition
14:00 Season schedule
17:10 A mix of hockey styles
20:40 Rivalries!
27:47 Names to look out for

Gillian Kemmerer Gillian Kemmerer
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