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For the second year in a row, a Dynamo Moscow player won the Golden Stick award — Blue-and-Whites’ players were the regular season’s top sniper and scorer, while the team ended the first phase on the top of the standings. However, in the playoffs, an injury crossed everything out.

Dynamo Moscow had a strong offseason in 2020, managing to retain most of the leaders. The only loss — Andre Petersson — was meant to be replaced by Dmitry Kagarlitsky’s return, and in the end, the move paid out. Moreover, Dynamo strengthened its second offensive and defensive lines, with Oscar Lindberg and Andrei Sergeyev.

Best players

Vadim Shipachyov

67 games, 74 (21+53) points

Shipachyov was the best not only for the Blue-and-Whites but in the whole league, being awarded the Golden Stick award as the regular season’s MVP. For the second year in a row, he was the league’s top scorer. Moreover, he was the second player in the league’s history to score 700 points and distribute 500 assists. He was also Dynamo’s top scorer in the latest three KHL campaigns, with 193 points.

Dmitrij Jaskin

69 games, 68 (43+25) points

Shipachyov inherited the Golden Stick award from Jaskin’s hands, who won the prize last year. He also won the goal-scoring race with a 10-tally gap over Salavat Yulaev’s Teemu Hartikainen. In two seasons, Jaskin netted 77 goals for Dynamo, or 0.58 goals per night. Only Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeny Malkin had a higher rate, but only playing 37 and 31 games, respectively, and without playoff games, where the scoring is usually tighter.

Andrei Sergeyev

69 games, 46 (10+36) points

Sergeyev’s career-high was 20 points, reached in 2014-2015, playing for Yugra. With Dynamo, Sergeyev produced more than the double. This result is even more impressive considering the team already had some capable offensive defensemen in Juuso Hietanen and Michal Cajkovsky. Sergeyev was the team’s fourth scorer and the most-iced player, second in blocked shots, and third (leading Dynamo’s D-men) in +/- rating. And as the icing on the cake, Sergeyev was the second blueliner in the KHL’s history to score a hat-trick in the playoffs.

Best game

Last year, Dynamo had plenty of rollercoaster games, and at least three times, the team saved the game with less than a minute to go in the third period and won in OT. One of these games was on Feb 20 in Helsinki, when Jokerit was up 3-1 after two periods. However, six minutes in the final stanza, the teams were tied again, with Jaskin netting his 36th goal and beating the record for the most regular-season goals by a Czech player. The hosts managed to score yet another one, but Lindberg sent it to OT with just 27 seconds to the horn.


Without a doubt, Vladimir Krikunov was last year’s most experienced coach. However, last year, for obvious reasons, he failed to take advantage of one of his better weapons — a rigid preseason plan. Despite the situation, Dynamo had a tremendous regular season, and after defeating Severstal in the playoff’s first round, they faced SKA, which the Blue-and-Whites defeated four times. After a game one win, Valery Bragin learned from the team’s mistakes and adopted the necessary changes, while Krikunov did not. Losing Kagarlitsky was a massive blow to Dynamo’s ambitions, but hockey is a teams’ sport.

In April, Krikunov turned 71, and most likely, his career behind the bench is over — he’ll act as a team’s consultant now.


“We had the best line in the league with Kagarlitsky, Shipachyov, and Jaskin. Such a fantastic unit helped us reach third place. Creating such a line isn’t easy, but we managed to do it last year and this year as well. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make a successful second unit after Andre Petterson moved to Yaroslavl, and we missed some firepower. However, it would have been enough if it wasn’t for Kagarlitsky’s injury,” Krikunov said after the season.

Offseason moves

Once again, Dynamo is having a solid offseason after signing Stanislav Galiyev, Alexander Petunin, and Artyom Fyodorov, with Vyacheslav Voynov and Andrey Pedan joining on the blue line. However, replacing a top sniper like Jaskin will be hard, although the team still has three import slots at its disposal.

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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