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On April 30, the Board of Directors voted to approve a new mechanism for loaning players.

The mechanism allows each club to acquire up to four players on loan, and to loan out four of its players. Three of these players must be under 22, and the fourth should be aged 23 or 24. In addition, no team can loan more than two players from any one KHL club.

Length of loans

From May 1 to December 27, a player can move on loan until the end of the current season, provided that his contract is valid for two or more seasons, including the current campaign.

Contractual relationship between the player and the clubs

The player’s contract with his parent club is suspended until April 30 of the current season, but the contract itself is not interrupted. At the end of the loan period, the suspended contract resumes and remains valid for the whole remaining time.

The loaning club concludes a separate loan contract, to include terms of any penalty for terminating the contract ahead of schedule. Significant financial penalties will be imposed to strongly discourage teams from cancelling loan contracts early.

On-loan players can be deployed on any team at their new club and can move between teams in the same way as other players. If a player has a one-way contract with the senior team, he will continue to be paid in full even if he is assigned to the VHL. In this instance, the waivers procedure will not apply.

Loans and the salary cap

Salaries paid to on-loan players count as part of the salary cap for the period that he plays for that club. If a player returns from a loan earlier than planned, but after the transfer deadline has passed, his salary will not be counted from the first day after the transfer window closes.

Preventing ‘hidden’ loans

In addition, there is a new regulation that applies to all contracts. If a player’s contract with his club is terminated early for any reason, the player in question may not sign a new contract with his previous club during the same season, nor earlier than Nov. 1 of the following season.

Andy Potts Andy Potts
KHL press office KHL press office
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