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Skills against cunning, innovation against the classics: our mascots are on top of their game and bringing a bunch of penalty shots that can test the top players. And the surprises keep coming. In partnership with Mastercard, the KHL is helping fans to choose their Priceless Mascot.

There’s only one day left to choose the top hockey-playing mascot at, so let’s take a look at some of the most impressive entries.

You can see all the video clips from the second round of MascotsMania on the KHL’s official VKontakte page.

La corrida del hockey!

Until we saw Zubrik’s latest contribution from Minsk, we would never have known that Spanish-style bullfighting was a thing in the forests of Belarus. And it can’t be denied that the goaltender-matador displays a certain flair.

Askarov’s stick

Last month, SKA goalie Yaroslav Askarov lit up social media with a fantastic save against HC Sochi — without his stick. Up against Firehorse, he thought he could dispense with his weaponry once again, but the mascot proved him wrong. 10 out of 10 for the horse’s expert execution, and 10 out of 10 for the goalie’s self-deprecating humor.

On a nostalgia tip

There’s nothing new under the sun, so Barkhat decided to go retro for his shoot-out. Amur’s mascot raided the All-Star archives to recreate Linus Omark’s flaming stick, Nikita Gusev’s spin-o-rama and finish it off in the best traditions of Nick Bailen and former Amur goalie Juha Metsola with a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’.

Captain Tatarstan

Every team has its heroes. Remember Captain Tatarstan? When he’s not busy doing superhero things, he finds time to help Icebars with his penalty shots. With a blocker inspired by a giant echpochmak pastry, he’s not easy to score on — but a sniff of catnip gets the mascots back on top of his game.

The Lion teams up with the Ant

When the old classics don’t work, it’s time to come up with something different: after a few failed attempts, Dinamo Riga’s Leons finally beat Skudra the ant with a bit of creativity. Dropping down from the arena roof appears to be a good way of disconcerting an opponent.

Priceless Mascot

There’s great news for everyone enjoying this contest: as part of the KHL MascotsMania, the league has teamed up with MasterCard to create an extra prize. The Priceless Mascot award is decided purely by you, the fans.

It follows from yet another popular tradition, the Priceless League, in which fans share awards with their favorite players. Our longstanding partner was eager to get involved in this event and recognize the hard work of those who get the party started in our arenas.

“The KHL MascotsMania prize and the selection of the Priceless Mascot recognize everything that the mascots do to make hockey into a big occasion: they don’t just support their teams, but generate the atmosphere at the games,” said Timofei Reshetilov, Mastercard’s Marketing and Sponsorship Manager.

On Feb. 12 and 13 you can cast your vote on the KHL’s VKontakte page. The winner, with the highest number of votes, will claim the title of Priceless Mascot. A trophy, and a special prize from Mastercard, will be presented at the Grand Final on Feb. 21.

“Every winter, the KHL tries to host special events for our fans. This season we decided to set up remote events that can complement the teams’ struggle for position at the end of the regular season. We’re grateful to Mastercard for its support of our new project, KHL MascotsMania. Priceless League has become a calling card for our longstanding partnership and it’s good that this season fans can vote not only for their favorite players, but their favorite mascots as well,” said Sergei Dobrokhvalov, KHL Vice President for Marketing and Communication.

Andy Potts Andy Potts
Maria Vlasova Maria Vlasova
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