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How do you like those dances? You’ve seen our mascots’ moves, now it’s time for you to vote! We’ve already published the clips from each KHL club mascot and now the polls are open for the fans to choose their favorite performance.

Voting runs for just over one week – from Feb. 5 to midday on Feb. 13 – on the official MascotsMania website, where fans can ‘like’ the videos they enjoyed. The mascot who gets the most ‘likes’ will carry a head start into the competition’s grand final at the end of the month. Don’t forget, our expert jury will give its verdict before that final show and, as voting starts, we’ve picked out some of the most interesting routines.

The path to success

It turns out that Craig Woodcroft doesn’t just know how to choreograph hockey plays – the Dinamo Minsk head coach can also direct a dance show! That’s why Zubrik trusted the Canadian to transform him into a real Rockstar, complete with lights, a cool bike, dancing girls and a couple of surprising moves.

Shake that Siberian booty

Before the dance-off started, Egor Druzhinin, head of the jury for this stage, admitted that he hoped we wouldn’t see too much twerking going on. Little did he know that this is exactly what Sibir’s Snegovik is famous for. The booty shake is his signature move – and he has the figure to flaunt it! Snegovik also loves to experiment and his routine combined twerking with shuffle and hip-hop and, like a true Siberian, busted his hottest moves in the winter cold.

All you need is love

We learned something new about Icebars – he’s a dreamer at heart. And, after seeing Svyatogor from Vityaz and Barkhat from Amur find their other halves, while Torpedo’s Torrik has started a family, the Ak Bars mascot is looking for his other half. It’s not always easy to find the perfect partner, but a hockey-loving dancer would fit the bill perfectly.

International mix

Fans in Nizhny Novgorod are lucky to have such a well-travelled mascot – Torrik can pull off routines from all around the world, and certainly has enough to get through a whole season without repeating himself. In this dance-off he gave us a flying visit to far-off lands and olden times, from Mexico to Hawaii with a hint of Fred Astaire.

Pump it up!

Avtik the Elk generates all the energy at Avtomobilist’s home games and they say that before the action, the whole team is powered up by him. The mascot’s dances bring everyone together: when he starts to move, the whole building follows – players, fans, cheerleaders and even the arena staff.

Dragon dance

A year ago, Kunlun Red Star was celebrating its return home to Beijing but then everything turned upside down. The team had to move to Mytishchi and, at first, not even the players could get there. It turns out that the final signing wasn’t American goalie Jeremy Smith, but the Red Star mascot, Long the Dragon. On arriving in Moscow’s snowy outskirts, he rushed to the arena to meet his favorite players. He immediately checked the locker room, making sure everyone was there: Foo, Wong, Werek ... and Lockhart named as captain, an excellent choice! Reunited with his team, Long performed the traditional Kung-Fu greeting and did the traditional Chinese Dragon dance to bring his team good fortune.

Andy Potts Andy Potts
Maria Vlasova Maria Vlasova
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