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Episode 18 of the official KHL podcast. What the league is going to do in the circumstances we have throughout the world: Alexei Morozov talks on the KHL plans. Also we reached out to Dynamo winger Andre Petersson and discussed with him coronavirus, series against Spartak and Shipachyov’s line dominance.

The presenter is renowned hockey journalist Igor Eronko of Sport Express. You can listen to Icecast via Soundcloud.

0:33-02:06 Alexei Morozov on KHL plans
2:07-02:43 Who’s in play in the KHL
2:44-08:59 Andre Petersson on a COVID-19 threat
9:00-13:59 Petersson on a series with Spartak
14:00-16:39 Why Shipachyov’s line is so successful
16:40-24:49 What makes Shipachyov the best center in the KHL

KHL press office KHL press office
exclusive for
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