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From today, on the official website of the FONBET 2020 KHL All-Star Week, the fans can play their part in selecting the starting lines for the four Division teams who will compete in the star-studded super-tournament held at the VTB Arena in Moscow on January 18-19, 2020.

The All-Star Game format is the same as for last year, and as tradition demands, the players who will be on the ice for the opening face-off will be chosen by the fans. Voters can nominate 1 (one) forward, 1 (one) defenseman and 1 (one) goalie to represent each division. Voting runs from November 18 – December 1, 2019.

No more than 2 (two) players from any one club can be included in the starting line-up for the All-Star game. As a result, voters cannot choose three players from the same club when casting their votes. If the final result sees 3 (three) or more players from one team making the line-up, the two with the most votes will be selected. List of players:

The voting process comprises three simple steps:

1. Log in using one of your social media accounts in the pop-up window.

2. Three player silhouettes will appear on a stylized hockey rink. Under each silhouette, type the first letters of the name of the player you wish to nominate for the starting line-up of each division’s team.

3. As you type the name, a drop-down list will help you finalize your choice of goalie, defenseman and forward for any or all of the four divisions. When you have finished making your selection, click the Vote button at the bottom of the form.

If any of the players voted into the All-Star teams are unable to take part in the All-Star Game, they will be replaced by the player with the next highest total of votes in that position.

After the fan voting is completed, representatives of the media will vote to select further players, choosing one goaltender, one defenseman, and one forward from each Division, after which the League will select the remaining players for the rosters. The representatives will have from December 2-8 to make their selections, after which the League will select the remaining players for the rosters.

After three stages the League will officially confirm the selected rosters of 40 players for the FONBET 2020 KHL All-Star Game. The other four remaining places – one for each Division –will be reserved for the four finest youngsters in the JHL Challenge Cup.

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KHL press office KHL press office
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