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Beauty and drama, passion and action, the heat of the battle and the will to win – these unforgettable moments forge the history of the KHL. Here are the latest results from the KHL’s annual photo contest in conjunction with Canon – the 10 best shots from February for you to enjoy.

In a game as dramatic as hockey, capturing a spectacular shot is especially hard. As the playoffs start, the intensity of the action increases: it’s a time for true pros, on the ice and at the photo positions. Scoring great goals, making impossible saves and smashing records represent some of the routes into hockey history; others, though, make their mark by immortalizing these deeds and capturing the essence of our game. Every game offers the KHL’s photographers hundreds of chances to do this, and our competition enables thousands of hockey lovers to see the game through the lenses of our talented correspondents from Shanghai to Slovakia.

Ivan Sekretaryov, ‘Rossiya Segodniya’ media agency

This contest is an opportunity to expand the horizons of hockey fans and also to capture the real aesthetics of the sport. It’s a simple equation: the more entries in the competition, the more beautiful moments can be shared among hockey fans. I would urge all photographers to think systematically, to consider in advance what story you want your photos to tell. We saw a lot of good quality material, with some excellent individual shots. But, from time to time, the composition was slightly flawed and the artist’s idea became unclear. Pay attention to every frame and be sure to take the message right to the end.

Alexander Nemenov, Agence France Presse

As far as I can remember this is the first sports photo contest devoted purely to hockey. So it was an interesting experience to take part in the judging. I can’t say being on the jury was easy: sometimes we were comparing photos of the same incident from the same game, sometimes shot by photographers standing shoulder to shoulder behind the glass. Here we had to be very thorough and consider everything, including those tiny details that most observers would never notice. It was hard to reach a final decision in those cases.

Accredited KHL photographers still have the chance to take part in this year’s contest. Register on the competition website and take part as the season reaches its climax.

Maybe your talent lies in capturing the decisive moments of play on the ice? Perhaps you’re better at looking at thousands of faces in the crowd and picking out the one that tells the story? Either way, there’s a place for you. Our competition is divided into two categories: ‘the game’ and ‘the fans’. If you fancy yourself as an all-rounder, of course, you can enter both.

Throughout the season, from October 1 to April 26, entries can be submitted to each of the monthly stages of the competition. Each month brings some interim winners – the five best shots in each category qualify for the final judging, and the photographers will win prizes from the KHL’s partner, Atributika & Club.

The more photos you submit, the better your chances: each entrant can choose up to five images in each category, each month.

The champion of champions will be announced on April 30 with just one overall winner in each category. The best image in ‘the game’ will win a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a trip to the season’s closing ceremony. The top photo of the fans will receive a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM lens.

Andy Potts Andy Potts
KHL press office KHL press office
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