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In Nizhnekamsk, the third-ever WHL All-Star Game ended, with the Western All-Stars defeating the Eastern All-Stars with a 4-2 score. Therefore, the series is now 2-1 in favor of the Western Conference. Two players will move on to Kazan, where they will take part in the Kontinental Hockey League All-Star Weekend.

Valeria Merkusheva started in goal for the Eastern All-Stars, and Anna Prugova for the West. Prugova was on the spotlights in the first few minutes of the game, with huge saves on Alevtina Shtaryova and Anna Shokhina. However, Team East scored first, when Yelizaveta Rodnova found the back of the net. The crowd didn’t see any other goal in the first period.

In the first intermission, the Czech national Alena Mills fired a puck 127.04 km/h to win the hardest shot competition.

On the 25th minute, Tatiana Rafted made it a 1-1 game and Team West fastly added another two goals: First, Hayley Williams converted a rebound after a shot by Fanuza Kadirova, then Kadirova scored herself to make it 3-1 in favor of the Western Conference. However, Olga Sosina cut down the gap to one goal at the end of the second period.

In the second intermission, Oksana Bratishcheva won the Shootout challenge literally diving in the net with the puck in his hands.

In the third period, the Eastern All-Stars had a few chances to tie things up, but the Western All-Stars scored once again on the empty net when Alevtina Shtaryova scored the team’s fourth goal.

After the final horn, the girls started a dancing battle that delighted the crowd.

Team West’s Aneta Teiralova (Dynamo St. Petersburg) and Team East’s Olga Sosina (Agidel Ufa) were awarded Players of the Game honors.

Moreover, two players from today’s game will move to Kazan to participate in the KHL All-Star Weekend. They are Nicol Cupkova (Agidel Ufa) and Tatiana Rafter (SK Gorny St. Petersburg).

After the team, the players talked about the game and shared their expectations for the KHL festivities.

Nicol Cupkova, forward Team East:

- The game had a great atmosphere, with many fans on the stands. We didn’t expect to see all these people. The crowd supported us, playing with such an atmosphere was incredible. We played well and had great fun. Too bad that we lost, but any game must have a winner. We fought until the end and did whatever we could. In a week I’ll have to play at the KHL All-Star Game, it’s an entirely different event, and I wasn’t expecting to get invited. We’ll prepare and practice, but most importantly – we’ll have a chance to be side-on-side with so many KHL stars. That’s great. Hopefully, our participation in the KHL All-Star Game will help further popularizing women’s hockey. We’ll do anything we can to achieve that and to talk about it; our goal is to get more people attending our games.

Tatiana Rafter, forward Team West:

- I’m delighted to be here. I noticed the WHL logo along the boards in Nizhnekamsk, and I understood that it’s great that the KHL is helping women’s hockey. The KHL gives us a platform with which we can promote our sport. This is why this game will be crucial for me, and I hope that it will help the girls that have just started playing. Being part of this event is an honor for me. I am not sure yet what I should expect from the KHL Skill Show as don’t know yet what I’ll do; I haven’t been told. But I think that it will be fun, I have a couple of friends in the KHL. I am from Winnipeg, like Nigel Dawes, it will be great to meet him and Mathew Maione. The level of Russian women hockey allowed me to watch the game from another perspective. Here hockey is very creative, and I’m happy to have a chance to develop my game and to talk with other players. Being here it’s a new challenge for me and a great opportunity.

Team East and Team West played in equipment and uniforms provided by the Week of Hockey Stars’ technical partners Bauer and Atributika&Club.

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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