The KHL Sporting-Disciplinary Committee investigated events from Sunday’s game:

Admiral – Traktor

Game time: 56:47

The Committee examined the incident that led to Admiral defenseman Stepan Zakharchuk receiving a game misconduct penalty under the p. 1.13. of the art. 27 of the KHL Disciplinary Regulations. After studying the incident, the Committee supported the decision of the referee and imposed on Zakharchuk a five-game ban and a fine.

In addition, the management of KHL decided to further disqualify Stepan Zakharchuk for 10 (ten) games.

Georgy Kobylyansky, KHL Hockey Operations Vice-President:

- The League pursued and will pursue a policy of intolerance to excessive roughness and cruelty on the ice. Zakharchuk, unfortunately, is known for just such a style of play. The situation did not require such aggressive play, however Traktor player Artyom Penkovsky got a serious injury. With additional disqualification, we want to show that KHL will not be tolerated with dirty plays.

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