In response to much heated debate over two controversial episodes from Tuesday's match in Magnitogorsk - Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semi-final series between Metallurg and Ak Bars Kazan - the KHL Refereeing Department has issued the following clarification in order to dispel any confusion regarding the officials' decisions in each instance:

In the 22nd minute, following a save by Metallurg goaltender Vasily Koshechkin, the loose puck fell to Ak Bars forward Vladimir A. Tkachyov, who struck a shot which went under the goaltenders leg and appeared to cross the line before the goalie hooked the puck away with his right leg. The video goal judge ruled that the puck had indeed crossed the line, as confirmed by the video footage, below.

In the 45th minute, after a goal scored by defenseman Vasily Tokranov had extended the Kazan team's lead to 4-2, the Metallurg head coach requested that the officials examine video footage of the goal for a possible offside. The video evidence shows that there was no offside, and once again, the officials were correct in awarding the goal.

Richard Delacy,
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