In the 8th minute of Monday's match in Yaroslavl – Game 3 of the Western Conference semi-final series between Lokomotiv and SKA Saint Petersburg - the referee requested a video review after Lokomotiv defenseman Jakub Nakladal's shot had apparently given the home team a 1-0 lead. After deliberations from the video goal judge, the goal was ruled out on the grounds that the puck had left the field of play earleir in the move.

The KHL Refereeing Department has released the relevant video footage, in which it can be clearly seen that the puck ricocheted in and out of the SKA bench area as a result of Petri Kontiola (No. 47) and Vladislav Gavrikov (No. 46) battling for possession.

The match officials therefore made the correct decision in striking out the goal.

Richard Delacy,
exclusive for

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