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On Wednesday, the 23rd of August, the Kontinental Hockey League and the renowned bookmaker FONBET signed an agreement pledging to embark on joint initiatives aimed at promoting the game of hockey and raising interest in hockey competitions among potential fans, both within Russia's borders and beyond.

The agreement comes in the wake of news that FONBET has become a partner of the KHL, in a deal which made history as the longest agreed partnership between a bookmaker and a sporting league.

Over the next five years, the company plans to organize and conduct a range of activities aimed not only at raising the profile and popularity of the №1 sport in Russia, but also to define and promote the principles of honest betting.

The signing of the partnership agreement signals a continuation of mutual cooperation between the KHL and FONBET, as since February the pair have been jointly implementing plans to combat fraud in sport.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, KHL President and Chairman of the Board:

“In this 10th anniversary season of the KHL, we are pleased to welcome FONBET into the family of partners of the League. We are delighted to cooperate with one of Russia's largest bookmakers, one with a wealth of experience in working with many Russian and international sporting tournaments. In accordance with existing legislation, the bookmakers direct targeted funding for the development of professional and youth sport, and are therefore directly involved in the development of sports across the country. I hope that together we will be able to make a significant contribution to nurturing a more responsible attitude to gambling.”

Maxim Kiryukhin, Chairman of the FONBET Board of Directors:

“This contract, together with the measures we have planned, marks a very important step forward in our long-term strategy for the development of sport and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We are honored that in making this choice, the KHL settled on one very serious partner. We will make every effort to ensure we achieve our common goal. BK FONBET regards the KHL as a strong and reliable partner, one which has attained a significant position in hockey, and which can work toward not merely financial, but also strategic results.”

Company profile:

FONBET is the oldest and one of the largest bookmakers in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, and has been offering and taking bets since 1994. FONBET accepts bets on sporting events in Russia and around the world in a multitude of sports and games, including football, hockey and winter sports, basketball,, tennis and chess. FONBET is a titular partner of the Russia's National Football League, is a sponsor of the Russian Beach Football Cup, Russia's beach football national team, and the world №2 1chess champion, Sergei Karjakin, and is a partner of the World Hockey Championship.

Richard Delacy,
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