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Friendly match:

Dynamo Moscow vs. Amur (Khabarovsk) - 2-4 (0-0, 0-0, 0-4, 2-0)

“We played patiently and waited for our chances. Their goalie was sent to the locker room for fighting, so his replacement had no time to loosen up and we took full advantage,” - said Amur head coach Andrei Martemyanov. The goalie in question was Alexander Yeryomenko, who early in the third period received the first early bath in his KHL career, and his hapless replacement was Ivan Bocharov.

PHOTO: 11.08.17. Friendly match. Dinamo (Moscow) - Amur (Khabarovsk)

New signing Alexander Frolov began Amur's scoring spree, which saw them hit four goals before Dynamo found the net twice in the final period to make the score more respectable. The result gave the Khabarovsk men their second victory over Dynamo in three days, following their shootout win on Tuesday.

Goals: 0-1 Frolov, 0-2 Li, 0-3 Kolar, 0-4 Potekhin, 1-4 Bryukvin, 2-4 Varnakov.

Goaltenders: Yeryomenko (Bocharov) – Metsola.



President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Cup

Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk) vs. Admiral (Vladivostok): 2-4 (1-1; 0-1, 1-2)

Given the previous superb form of the men from Nizhnekamsk, and the wretched start to the week by Admiral, who allowed a total of seven unanswered goals in back-to-back defeats, this result was a genuine surprise, if not a shock.

PHOTO: 11.08.17. President Kazakhstan Cup. Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk) - Admiral (Vladivostok)


Admiral head coach Alexander Andriyevsky:

“Before the game we stressed the importance of good finishing, as earlier in the week we had failed to hit the net in two straight games. It's good that today we managed to score four times, but we still need to work on power play.”

Neftekhimik head coach Andrei Nazarov:

“First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers of the President's Cup for putting together this first-class tournament... Of course it was tough for the players, and we're glad we're going home, but I got to see our young players in action, the guys gave it their all, and we really wanted to win this game. I can now say that as far as our reserves go, everything is fine.”

Goals: 1-0 Shiksatdarov (Zdunov, Yakimov, 05.10), 1-1 Wright (13.18), 1-2 Tkachyov (Mishchenko, 25.36), 1-3 Gorshkov (Krasnoslobodtsev, Wright, 46.50), 1-4 Sabolic (Grigorenko, Mishchenko, 48.25), 2-4 Zdunov (51.53)

Goaltenders: Yezhov – Bobkov


Barys (Astana) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk): 3-2 SO (0-1, 1-0, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0).

Nigel Dawes's successful strike in the shootout gave the home side a hard-earned victory against a determined Traktor team, but it was not enough to threaten Neftekhimik's top spot in the tournament rankings.


Chelyabinsk head coach Anvar Gatiyatulin:

“We know that it is important to win games in preseason tournaments, as victories help build confidence throughout the team, but I repeat: for us, we are in Astana to have a look at various combinations, try out some players, instill some mutual understanding and see where we are making mistakes or lacking in any way.”

Barys head coach Evgeny Koreshkov:

“The main thing is that we won, and we dug out this victory after falling behind. We missed some chances in the third period but Vey's late goal rescued us.”

Goals: 0-1 Sharov (Mamayev, Petrikov, 12.53), 1-1 Dawes (Vey, Dallman, 26.03, PPG), 1-2 Vishnevsky (Yakutsenya, 41.18, PPG); 2-2 Vey (56.03), 3-2 Dawes (65-00)

Goaltenders: Kudryavtsev – Francouz

Tournament standings with one day remaining:
Place Team Games Goals Points
1. Neftekhimik 5 16-14 11
2. Barys 4 10-9 8
3. Traktor 5 12-11 8
4. Admiral 4 9-13 6
5. Avangard 4 11-12 3
6. Davos 4 10-11 3


Richard Delacy,
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