Moscow, 10th of August, 2017 - the Kontinental Hockey League and Asteros Group, Russia's market leader for integrated infrastructure and security systems, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.
The partnership is aimed at improving safety and security at hockey games via the use of modern technologies and solutions, based on the wealth of experience gained by Asteros in providing anti-terrorist protection at sporting facilities across the country. The KHL is the first sports League in Russia to have officially announced such intentions.

The signing took place as part of an international seminar, ”Topical Issues of Security in the Staging of Matches in the Kontinental Hockey League Championship 2017-18 Season." The document was signed by KHL Hockey Operations Vice-President Georgy Kobylyansky and Asteros CEO Alexander Sayenko.

The Memorandum defines the key aims of the strategic partnership between the KHL and Asteros Group. The priorities for the collaboration were identified as: analysis of the current security conditions at events and venues; developing a plan for achieving compliance with the security requirements of the relevant Russian Federation legislation, development of recommendations and regulations, in addition to security passports for event venues, consultations, and seminars on possible changes to the legislative framework regulating the security of sporting and cultural venues.

KHL Hockey Operations Vice-President Georgy Kobylyansky:

"This strategic partnership between the KHL and the Asteros group will optimize the security processes at the arenas which host hockey matches in the Kontinental, Youth and Women's Hockey Leagues. The primary task of the KHL, as the organizing body, is to ensure the security of all participants at a given event. Asteros has amassed a wealth of experience, unmatched in both technology and scale, at guaranteeing security of buildings and other facilities. We see this cooperation as the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration in the field of integrated security and anti-terrorism protection at KHL sporting venues."

Vladimir Shelepov, Asteros Group Deputy General Director for Business Development:

"The KHL is a unique project, and one which spans seven countries. The League has come a long way in its ten-year history, during which it has staged around 7,000 games and seen interest grow steadily from year to year. In the ninth season's regular championship, the KHL attracted almost six million viewers. In the field of security and anti-terrorist protection at sporting venues, it is increased public attention which dictates the rules. Of course, the signing of this Memorandum is testament to the the KHL management's high level of responsibility concerning the protection of spectators and players, as well as the image of the League and of hockey in general. I am confident that this single step will make a significant contribution to the culture of sporting events' organization, and will set an important example for other sports leagues."

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