Great goals, spectacular saves and the hardest hits, starring Pekka Jormakka, Jakub Sedlacek, and Roman Starchenko – the KHL is proud to bring you the best moments from the thirteenth week of the Championship.

Top 10 Goals: Lone Star Jormakka

In third place this week is a Canadian-Danish combination. Jokerit defenseman Charles Genoway sent the puck into the congested area in front of the Dinamo Riga goal, and Danish forward Peter Regin somehow diverted it past the goalie. How did he do it? It may need more than one viewing.

Ilya Kovalchuk’s searing run in the Super-derby with CSKA left all five Muscovite skaters and the goalie stranded, and he capped it all with a subtle pass that left Pavel Datsyuk facing an empty net. Yet this masterpiece is only the second best. It was that sort of week in the KHL.

The winner is Jokerit forward Pekka Jormakka with another display of solo genius. The one-man raid was just as exhilarating as Kovi’s, but as he didn’t have a Datsyuk on hand he decided to round off his own attack with a sublime backhanded finish.

Top 10 Saves: Sedlacek the Savior

Dynamo Moscow forward Ansel Galimov had crept up to an unguarded corner of the Magnitogorsk net and received an accurate pass. The seemingly inevitable goal never happened, thanks to Magnitka’s 19-year-old netminder, Ilya Samsonov, who managed to get his stick in the way while falling backwards. Bronze medal to the teenager.

Rarely if ever does SKA’s prolific scorer Vadim Shipachyov miss the target, and when he, too, spied an empty corner against Severstal he showed no mercy to his former club. However, his fierce, rising effort failed to cross the goal line, thanks to an instinctive save with the glove by Jakub Kovar. Silver medal for the Cherepovets ace.

This week’s gold goes to Kovar’s fellow Czech, Jakub Sedlacek, who guards the Dinamo Riga goal. Jokerit forward Tommi Huhtala must have thought Santa had come early when he found himself in possession in front of an empty net, but Sedlacek’s stick somehow came to the rescue. Has to be seen to be believed.

Top 10 Hits: Starchenko’s 2-for-1 Special

Admiral forward Robert Sabolicrun burst down the right flank to launch a raid on the Barys goal and Astana defenseman Maxim Semyonov stood in the way. The Slovenian did get past the formidable obstacle, eventually, but the danger had passed and he probably regretted trying. Third place for Semyonov.

This week’s runner-up is Jokerit forward Roope Talaja, who appeared from nowhere to rudely interrupt the progress of Dinamo Riga’s Miks Indrasis. A split second later, the Latvian forward was kissing the ice.

The Hit of the Week award goes to another Astana man, Roman Starchenko, who produced a pile-driver of a shoulder-check that sent Amur forward Pavel Dedunov airborne. The unlucky recipient flew into his line-mate, Yury Nazarov, and soon both men were sprawling on the ice thanks to a single hit from Starchenko.

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