As part of its review of the 2015-16 campaign, the Kontinental Hockey League has conducted a survey of online audience figures for the League and its clubs across various Internet resources, and the results show an increase of more than a million people since the start of the season.

The number of people subscribing to the League's social network services went up by 51.2%, from 1,337,700 to 2,022,700, between August 2015 (the start of the Championship) and June of this year. The KHL clubs also saw a significant increase in their online fanbase, with1,350,000 new subscribers (up by 57%) signing on over the course of the season.

The play-offs proved particularly popular, with the number of of online fans surging by 16.8% during the two months of the knockout phase.

The League's strongest online presence is on Vkontakte, the Russian social network which is gathering a lot of attention across the globe as one of the chief rivals to Facebook, and during the VIII season of the Championship the League welcomed no fewer than 553,000 new fans on this site alone. This was a jump of 68.3% on the previous year.

The greatest success, however, has been on Instagram and Twitter, with the number of followers amost doubling over the course of the campaign. The Twitter accounts of the League and its clubs attracted 579,000 new followers, bringing the grand total to 1,186,800, while onInstagram the arrival of 413,600 new fans swelled the total audience figure to 840,300.

We would like to thank and congratulate all the fans, because we achieved this success together. We hope that in the future you willcontinue your lively discussions about all that is happening in the League, and that your passion for your favorite teams continues to yield new converts to our beautiful game.

It may be vacation time for the teams, but not for the League. We shall have plenty to report and discuss all through the preseason, and we hope you will join us on the Internet pages of the KHL and its member clubs.

Hockey is our life, whatever the time of year.


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