This week in Russia saw the fourth annual MediaBrand awards, dedicated to recognizing and honoring excellence in the field of television promotions and design. In one category, Best Cable TV Promo Clip first and third place went to the League's own channel, KHL-TV, and we are sure all hockey fans would like to join us in offering heartfelt congratulations to our highly creative colleagues.

The video which captured the hearts of the judges and won the gold medal was entitled Music of Hockey, and was produced to whet the appetite for the seventh season of the KHL Championship. The description accompanying the promo says, “Hockey is not merely a feast for the eyes but also the ears. The formidable clatter and captivating rhythm produced by this most masculine of sports cannot fail to move the listener.”

The clip which took third prize, The Arena Awaits, was created as part of the promotional campaign for the 2015 All-Star Game in the Olympic city of Sochi.

“What could match that feeling of anticipation before a great occasion? Counting the days until the important event and trying to imagine all that might happen, which emotions may overwhelm us, and what kind of sights will astound us – these were the thoughts which drove us as we created this video. We achieved a striking contrast between the dramatic sound effects and the gradual swell of the music.” said Dmitry Fyodorov, a producer at KHL-TV. “Hockey is a sport which lends itself superbly for video clips. Tempo, rhythm... these words belong to coaches as well as musicians, and you could scarcely imagine a match these days without the music in the intervals. I am delighted that our clips have been honored with these awards. The KHL is always on the hunt for new audiences, and our artwork helps to spread the word.”

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