The Kontinental Hockey League is pleased to announce the start of a fantastic new game, KHL Fantasy, which enables passionate and knowledgeable fans to experience the excitement and pain felt by head coaches of professional hockey teams as they fight to become the champion. 

Fantasy sport continues to gain in popularity, and therefore attract considerable investment, and estimates claim that tens of millions of people all around the world play at least one of the many fantasy sport games available. Fantasy KHL is a mobile app and website by which would-be hockey coaches can create their own virtual teams using profiles of current players from the Kontinental Hockey League. 

How well your team performs will depend on the real-life stats of the players you have selected for your fantasy roster. When the stars of the KHL are scoring goals, providing assists, or earning penalty minutes during games in the Championship, they will also be scoring or losing points for your KHL Fantasy team. 

The object of the game is to outperform your rivals by predicting which players will give the finest performance on a given match-day and selecting these players for your team. The points earned by your KHL Fantasy team will serve as a fascinating indicator of how well you know the game of hockey and how closely you follow the action in the KHL. 

Participation is absolutely free, and successful performances by virtual teams can bring the fantasy coach a great bonus. This could be the option to acquire additional features in KHL Fantasy or to receive official KHL souvenirs or merchandise. KHL Fantasy allows players to watch their teams play virtual matches in online mode on any of the major platforms: iOS, Android or on the KHL Fantasy website. 

The game is available via App Store, Google Play, and the site
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