The Kontinental Hockey League has selected the team of referees and linesmen for the 2016 All-Star Game, which takes place on Saturday, the 23rd of January, at Moscow’s VTB Ice Palace. The chosen referees are Alexei Anisimov and Rafael Kadyrov, who will be ably assisted by linesmen Gleb Lazarev and Dmitry Sivov. For all four officials, this will be their first experience of the All-Star Game. 

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A delighted Alexei Anisimov reacted to the news: “Of course, I am overjoyed that I have been entrusted with refereeing the All-Star Game. Such a big career milestone is a recognition of my hard work, so I thank the management very much for their faith in me. We referees are rewarded for our labors, but the game itself is a festival for the players and fans, and, not the officials. Our main task is to stay in the background, although, if I am allowed, I will try to add some flavor to the occasion. I have watched every All-Star Game, keeping a keen eye on the officials, and I recall one particular colleague in sunglasses, another performing a dance... Well, something just as exciting might happen.” 

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Rafael Kadyrov added: “I am filled with happiness and other positive emotions. For a long time, I have wanted to referee the All-Star Game and be a part of this great hockey event. At least in this game the coaches and players will be kind to us. We will get together on the eve of the game and discuss how we are going to enforce the law, and how we might surprise the audience. There are certain to be surprises, but all will be kept secret until 17:00 on the 23rd of January.” 

The roll of honor for referees and linesmen who have dispensed justice in the KHL All-Star Game is as follows: 
2009. Moscow. Red Square. Vyacheslav Bulanov, Alexei Gorsky, Alexander Clurkin, Sergei Selyanin 
2010. Minsk. Arena Minsk. Vyacheslav Bulanov, Anatoly Zakharov, Ivan Dedula, Yury Oskirko 
2011. Saint Petersburg. Ice Palace. Alexander Antropov, Anatoly Zakharov, Victor Birin, Roman Shikhanov 
2012. Riga. Arena Riga. Sergei Semyonov, Sergei Feofanov Sergei Shelyanin, Ansis Eglitis 
2013. Chelyabinsk. Arena Traktor. Vyacheslav Bulanov, Konstantin Olenin, Konstantin Gordenko, Sergei Shelyanin 
2014. Bratislava. Slovnaft Arena. Eduard Odins, Konstantin Olenin, Victor Birin, Alexander Zakharenkov 
2015. Sochi. Bolshoy Ice Dome. Sergei Karabanov, Alexander Cherenkov, Pyotr Alyoshin, Victor Tomilov
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