Watch KHL on Smart TV

16 April 2014, 15:59
The Kontinental Hockey League has announced the launch of an official KHL application for Samsung televisions, and it is compatible with all versions of SmartTV. 

With Smart TV, hockey fans can now watch both live and archive footage of KHL games in HD or SD quality, see a round-up of all the games, get the results, follow changes in team rosters, view statistics and analyze the standings. 

The application has already made it possible to see all the archive footage and highlights from the current season, as well as specific moments from the games. While watching, you can instantly flick between the parts of the action that you find the most exciting: goals, fouls, saves, fights and so on. You can pay for live and archived broadcasts by sending a text to a short number, or you can link the application to your video account, gaining immediate access to video footage ordered in advance. 

Users who download the new application can take advantage of its high-quality and user-friendly interface, designed especially for use with a remote control. It can be downloaded directly via TV or a Blu-ray player, and it is available from the SamsungApps shop.
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