Exclusive Baltika beer brewed for All-Star Game

11 December 2013, 23:56

On December 16, Saint Petersburg, Russia’s northern capital and home of the world-famous Baltika beer company, will host a ceremonial brewing of a limited-edition version of the classic beer, Baltika 3, dedicated to the 2014 KHL All-Star Game. Among the honorary participants will be Alexander Kozhevnikov, two-time Olympic champion (1984 and 1988), plus World and European champion; Ilya Kochevrin, KHL Commerce and Communications Vice-President; Isaac Sheps, Carlsberg Group Senior Vice President for Eastern Europe and Baltika Breweries President, plus his colleague, Maxim Lazarenko, Baltika Marketing Vice-President.

The illustrious guests will begin their visit with an excursion, during which they can view the multitude of awards the brand has captured, including Product of the Year on 15 occasions – every year since the award was created. There will also be a trip to the unique microbrewery designed to produce experimental varieties and versions of ‘the amber nectar’ for non-commercial parties, and here the guests will experience what will doubtless be viewed as the most exciting part of the entire visit: the start of the brewing process for the limited-edition series of Baltika 3.

The recipe and brewing of this premium beer will be in complete harmony with those used in the production of the Baltika 3 found on open sale. The brewers will enlighten all the assembled guests in detail about the process of creating this special drink, from assembling the cache of ingredients to the maturing and bottling of the beer.

Baltika became an official partner of the Kontinental Hockey League in 2012 and the exclusively-brewed limited-edition series of Baltika 3 is dedicated to the KHL All-Star Game, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in promoting a culture of responsible consumption of beer among hockey fans.

It should be noted that this series is truly exclusive – it will not be put on general sale. This beer is to be a memorable gift for the brewers, fans and partners of the KHL and the Baltika brewing company, and the very first bottle brewed will take pride of place as an exhibit in the Baltika Museum of Brewing History in Saint Petersburg. A few bottles from the coveted series can be won as competition prizes by subscribers to the Facebook page.


Baltika Fact File – Baltika, now part of the Carlsberg Group, is one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Russia and has been the nation’s market leader in beer since 1996. The company has breweries in 10 cities across Russia plus one in Azerbaijan and boasts a broad portfolio of brands. Baltika is also a leading exporter, accounting for 70% of all Russian beer exports, and its products are enjoyed by consumers in more than 75 countries around the world. According to Euromonitor, Baltika is the best-selling beer brand in Europe.

Baltika is the official beer supplier of the 2014 Olympic Games, a coveted status which can only be attained by a company producing wares of the highest quality meeting all international standards. The brand has won approximately 600 Russian and international awards in professional and consumer contests.

The support and development of sport has always been a priority in the company’s social projects and Baltika has helped many different sports, clubs and leagues over the years. This includes sponsoring a stage of the European Hockey Tour, the Baltika Brewery Cup, for a term of seven years. The deal to become an official Olympic provider was clinched in late 2011, and one year later the company continued its close relationship with sport by becoming an official partner of the Kontinental Hockey League – a logical step in building a culture of responsible consumption of beer.

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