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Losing six in a row will make any team ready to throw in the towel, but as Amur gets ready to go on a road trip, the team now has a prime opportunity to pick up a win over an equally hungry Dinamo Riga.

Elsewhere, Sibir and Dynamo Moscow clash in Novosibirsk, each coming in with a 2-game winning streak. Which streak continues?

12:00: Amur (0-6-0) vs Dinamo Riga (1-2-1)

About the game

Amur is entering the contest on a horrid 6-game losing streak.

Dinamo Riga is coming into today’s game fresh off a loss.

Amur is playing the 3rd of three straight home games.

Dinamo Riga is playing the 2nd of three straight road games.

Injury list

Amur: Michal Jordan, Pavel Medvedev, Kirill Rasskazov, Nikita Feoktistov, Nikita Yazkov

Milestone alert

Defenseman Kristaps Sotnieks is hoping to collect his 100th career KHL goal (currently at 99).

15:30: Sibir (2-3-1) vs Dynamo Moscow (2-3-0)

About the game

Sibir is entering this contest on a 2-game winnings streak.

Dynamo Moscow is also coming into this game on a 2-game winning streak.

Sibir is playing the 4th of four straight home games.

Dynamo Moscow is playing the 3rd of three straight road games.

Milovzorov has points in four straight games, going 1-4-5 over that span.

Shipachyov has points in three straight games, going 3-2-5 over that span.

Injury list

Sibir: Eric O’Dell

Chapin Landvogt Chapin Landvogt
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