Result of the day
Vityaz Chekhov – Traktor Chelyabinsk 2-3. All those who admire a show were eagerly awaiting this game. Not, of course, because the result would be particularly important to the hockey lovers in Chelyabinsk. Things at Traktor have not been going very smoothly, and already at the start of December no-one can say whether the club will make it to the play-offs. But things are quietly improving. The guardians of the club expressed their faith in Andrei Nazarov, and even promised to find the money for new players.

Anyway, away with the hockey. Darsy Verot had to take his revenge for his recent hiding at the hands of Martin Grenier, and everyone knew there would be a battle. It duly arrived at the end of the first period. As usual, the officials did their job superbly, allowing the protagonists their necessary dance, and the fight itself proved quite dull. Grenier is bigger than Verot, and the Chekhov player’s only chance to hold his own in the clash was in a clinch, and so it turned out. Martin did all he could to free his arms and deal a decisive blow, but the Vityaz forward was on guard. In the end, Grenier launched himself at his enemy and claim victory, but of course there are no winners in a brawl. In the championship of tough guys, Grenier is the current leader - not, of course, the most important thing in hockey, but when the need for a strong player arises, he is your man.

In the day’s other matches, Torpedo defeated Avtomobilist, 3-1, and CSKA were beaten by Metallurg Magnitogorsk, 4-5, conceding the vital goal just four seconds from the end.

Almost the dirtiest match
The 151 minutes of penalty time, collected in the meeting between Vityaz and Traktor, is not the highest total of the current championship. First place belongs to the game between the Chekhov side and Atlant, when the referee handed out 163 minutes. The dirtiest game in KHL history also took place in Moscow Region, and featured Vityaz. Last September they played host to Dinamo Minsk, and between them the two teams managed to pick up 242 minutes.

Filatov’s scoring sequence
Nikita Filatov, last week’s best newcomer in the KHL, has set a club record for the current season by notching points in 6 successive games. Before Filatov, both Alexander Suglobov and Denis Parshin had taken part in successful attacking moves in four straight matches. Interestingly, CSKA are yet to lose a game in which Filatov has scored.

Seventh goalie
In one and a half seasons in the KHL, Torpedo have already used seven different goaltenders. Having conceded just a single goal in his one game, Martin Falter has the best reliability coefficient. In second place, with 2.5 goals per game, is Alexander Pimankin, although he has only two games under his belt, while their third most dependable keeper is Vitaly Yevdokimov, with 2.71 goals per match.

Wasted opportunity
For the first time this season, CSKA lost after leading by a two-goal margin. Until today, Sergei Nemchinov’s team had held such an advantage in nine matches, and won all nine. And for Metallurg Magnitogorsk, it is the second time they have fought their way back from two goals down to emerge victorious.

Lightning strike
Denis Parshin’s goal in the 20th second of the third period is the championship’s sixth fastest strike in the final third of a match. The quickest to date belongs to Vladislav Otmakhov of Avtomobilist, who beat the Salavat Yulaev goaltender a mere 8 seconds after the face-off.

Figures of the day
30 shots on goal by Avtomobilist.

5 shots on goal by Avtomobilist defenseman Tomas Slovak, Vityaz defenseman Alexander Ryazantsev and Torpedo attacker Vadim Shakhraychuk.

23 minutes spent in play by Traktor defenseman Oleg Piganovich.

73.7% of 19 face-offs won by Vityaz attacker Alexander Romanov.

Key players

Martin Falter (Torpedo). Saved 29 shots and helped his team collect three points.

Konstantin Plaksin (Traktor). Took part in the move that brought the winning goal, and finished the match with a +1.

Alexander Seluyanov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk). Made two assists, one of which set up the winning goal.

Anton Glinkin (Traktor). Scored the winning goal.

Jaroslav Kudrna (Metallurg Magnitogorsk). Scored the winning goal.

Pavel Brendl (Torpedo). Scored a goal and made an assist.

Alexei Shevchenko,

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