Magnitka is at just one step from its victory over CSKA – the Ilya Vorobyov’s men have a chance to make Metallurg the second club in the KHL history with three Gagarin Cup triumphs after Ak Bars Kazan.

Despite being a very close game, Metallurg prevailed again on Sunday as defenseman Artyom Zemchyonok netted the lone goal of the night allowing Magnitka to go up 3-1 in the series. Zemchyonok’s strike in the middle frame wasn’t however the only emotion of the night – both teams accounted for several scoring chances, but their goalies played once again an excellent game, especially Metallurg’s veteran Vasily Koshechkin, who had his second straight shutout. Magnitka outshot CSKA 31-29, and tonight the Muscovites will be in a do-or-die situation as they desperately need a win to keep their hopes alive. However, they will need to go against history to achieve this result – CSKA is yet to win a single game five match in its Gagarin Cup finals’ appearances.

17:00: Metallurg vs CSKA

Series Stand:
Metallurg leads the series 3-1.

About the game
Metallurg is 2-1 in Gagarin Cup’s fifth games, while CSKA is 0-3.
Metallurg’s goalie Vasily Koshechkin is on a 120:45 shutout streak – he has a chance to beat Ilya Sorokin’s record, who keep its crease clean for 137:55 in CSKA’s Gagarin Cup triumph in 2019.
As game four was a low-scoring affair, no player has currently an alive scoring streak going. However, in game four, Magnitka’s captain Yegor Yakovlev had an assist, and reached his teammate Philippe Maillet on the top of the assist rankings, with 13.

Injury list
Metallurg: Alexei Maklyukov.
CSKA: Nikita Rtishchev.

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