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Severstal’s sensational season continues as the Steelers travel to St. Petersburg as the Western Conference’s fourth seed – opposed to SKA’s fifth. In the other showdown of this light KHL Monday, Torpedo hosts Vityaz in a tense battle for a playoff spot.

Not many would have guessed right before the season, but SKA is currently trailing Severstal in the Western Conference’s standings – 44 points against 43. However, the season is still young, and Gennady Razin’s men have in any case a huge task in front of themselves. Moreover, SKA has history on its side, with Severstal not winning in St. Petersburg since January 2012. But even the longer streak is going to fall, one day.

In the other game of the night, Torpedo hosts Vityaz. The Nizhny Novgorod side is just two points behind the playoff line, and they will want to win to get closer to Dinamo Minsk and Spartak, but they shouldn’t underrate Vityaz. The Moscow Region franchise in on a winning streak, and its top sniper Niko Ojamaki is in red-hot shape and leading the KHL with 22 goals.

19:00: Torpedo (15-14-4, 9th W) vs Vityaz (9-14-10, 11th W)

About the game
Torpedo starts a three-game home series and lost its previous couple of games.

Vityaz ends a three-game road trip and is on a two-match winning streak.

Both teams had a win in their head-to-heads this season (3:1, 3:6).

Vityaz’s forward Niko Ojamaki scored a goal in each of his latest three games.

Injury list

Torpedo: Theodor Lennstrom, Daniel Zaar.

Vityaz: Daniel Audette, Vitaly Popov, Alexander Yaremchuk.

Milestone alert

Torpedo’s forward Andy Miele may reach 100 KHL points (currently at 99).

His teammate, defenseman Yegor Martynov may have his 100th career assist (currently at 99).

19:30: SKA (19-8-5, 5th W) vs Severstal (20-8-4, 4th W)

About the game

SKA starts a three-game home series and is on a two-match winning streak.

Severstal starts a two-match road trip and is on a three-game winning streak.

Severstal is on an incredible streak with 17 games with at least one point, but has this season lost to SKA (2:3). Moreover, the Army Men won its previous 16 home games against the Steelers, with the most recent Severstal win dated 2012, Jan 11 (0:4).

SKA’s forwards Andrei Kuzmenko and Anton Burdasov are on an identical five-game scoring streak, with 7 (4+3) points over that span.

SKA’s forward Joonas Kemppainen posted an assist in each of his previous four games.
Severstal’s goalie Vladislav Podyapolsky is on a 114:27 shutout streak.

Injury list

SKA: Mikko Lehtonen, Vasily Tokranov.

Severstal: Andrei Churkin, Robert Rooba, Jakob Stenqvist.

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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