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The Finnish franchise will play for its 12th consecutive victory as it visits Chelyabinsk, who is currently the third seed in the East. Dinamo Riga is also playing in the Eastern Conference, this time in Vladivostok. The KHL matchday will see other four games.

Jokerit is having an incredible season so far. The Finnish franchise had a bit of a rocky start, then had 11 wins in a row as it climbed to the top of the Western Conference standings. However, the game against Traktor won't be a walk in the park for the Jokers. The Chelyabinsk side showed excellent hockey this season, and is currently the third team in the Eastern Conference.

Dinamo Riga suffered from a baffling SO defeat in Khabarovsk on Saturday, and they will play their second consecutive game in the Russian Far East against Admiral. The Vladivostok-based squad defeated Torpedo on Saturday, and it won't be easy for Dinamo Riga to finally get two points.

The Far East will see another early match as Amur welcomes Vityaz. Sibir Novosibirsk hosts a cold Torpedo, with things heating up when Avtomobilist clashes with Avangard at 17:00. In Moscow, CSKA faces Kunlun Red Star.

12:00: Amur (4-8-1) vs Vityaz (4-5-4)

About the game
Amur enters into the game with two wins in a row and is at the third of a five-match home series.

Vityaz lost the first two games of a four-match road trip.

Vityaz's forward Miro Aaltonen is on a five-game scoring streak, with 7 (1+6) points over that span.

Vityaz's forward Daniel Audette is on an eight-game scoring streak, with 12 (7+5) points.

Injury list

Amur: Patrik Bartosak, Vladimir Mikhasyonok, Nikita Pivtsakin, Kirill Slepets

Vityaz: Ilya Arkalov, Igor Golovkov, Valtteri Kemilainen, Vyacheslav Leshchenko

Milestone alert

Vityaz's defenseman Viktor Antipin may reach the 200-point mark tonight, as he's currently at 198.

Vityaz's forward Fyodor Malykhin may score his 100th KHL goal tonight, currently sitting at 99.

12:30: Admiral (2-6-4) vs Dinamo Riga (4-7-2)

About the game

Admiral enters into the game, the second of a five-match home series, fresh off a win over Torpedo.

Dinamo Riga lost its previous two games and is at its second of a four-match road trip.

Injury list

Admiral: Evgeny Grachyov, Vladislav Kaletnik, Ivan Nalimov

Dinamo Riga: Frank Corrado, Rudolf Cerveny

Milestone alert

Dinamo Riga's defenseman Kristaps Zile plays his 200th KHL game tonight.

His teammate Roberts Mamcics lines up for his 100th career game.

15:30: Sibir (3-6-3) vs Torpedo (5-6-2)

About the game

Sibir enters into the game fresh off a win over Salavat Yulaev on Friday. It's the first of a three-match home series for Sibir.

Torpedo plays the last of a three-match road trip and is on a two-game negative streak.

Earlier this season, Sibir defeated Torpedo 3:0.

Torpedo's forward Damir Zhafyarov is on a four-game scoring streak, with 7 (2+5) points over that span.

Injury list

Sibir: Jyrki Jokipakka, Evgeny Chesalin

Torpedo: Andrei Belevich

Milestone alert:

Sibir's goalie Harri Sateri has a chance to have his 100th win tonight.

Torpedo's forward Kirill Rasskazov can break the 100-point mark tonight (currently at 99).

17:00: Avtomobilist (5-5-3) vs Avangard (6-5-0)

About the game

Avtomobilist is at the first of a two-game home series and lost its previous four matches.

Avangard lost its most recent match and is at the second of a two-game road trip.

Earlier this season, Avangard defeated Avtomobilist with a 3:1 score.

Avtomobilist's defenseman Jesse Blacker is on a three-game scoring streak, with 3 (1+2) points over that span.

Avtomobilist's forward Stanislav Bocharov is on a three-match scoring streak, with 3 (1+2) points.

Avangard's forward Corban Knight is on a six-game scoring streak, with 6 (3+3) points.

Avangard's forward Sergei Tolchinsky is on an eight-game scoring streak, with 9 (2+7) points.

Injury list

Avtomobilist: Ilya Ovchinnikov, Maxim Rasseikin, Sergei Shumakov

Avangard: Yaroslav Kosov

Milestone alert

Avtomobilist's forward Patrice Cormier lines up for his 200th KHL game tonight.

Avangard's forward Francis Pare may break the 100-assist mark in the KHL (currently at 99).

17:00: Traktor (9-2-2) vs Jokerit (11-2-0)

About the game

Traktor is at the second of a two-game home series and won its previous two matches.

Jokerit plays the first of three road games and is currently on an incredible streak of eleven wins in a row.

Traktor lost its previous five home games against Jokerit, who already defeated the Chelyabinsk side earlier this season (5:4 OT).

Jokerit's forward Brian O'Neill is on an eight-game scoring streak, with 12 (2+10) points over that span.

Jokerit's defenseman Otto Leskinen is on a three-game scoring streak, with 4 (1+3) points.

Jokerit's blueliner Tommi Kivisto is on a four-match scoring streak, with 5 (1+4) points.

Injury list

Traktor: Alexei Potapov, Andrei Stas

Jokerit: Henrik Haapala

Milestone alert

Jokerit's forward John Norman plays his 300th KHL game tonight.

Jokerit's defenseman David Sklenicka lines up for his 100th career match.

19:30: CSKA (8-5-0) vs Kunlun Red Star (4-9-0)

About the game

CSKA enters the third of a three-game home series after losing to Ak Bars at home on Friday.

Kunlun Red Star plays his lone road game before a home series and enters the game fresh off a win over Vityaz on Saturday.

Kunlun's forward Luke Lockhart is on a three-game scoring streak, with 4 (3+1) points over that span.

Injury list

CSKA: Artyom Blazhiyevsky, Andrei Svetlakov

Kunlun: Colin Joe

Milestone alert

CSKA's defenseman Bogdan Kiselevich lines up for his 600th KHL game tonight.

CSKA's forward Maxim Sorkin plays his 100th career game.

CSKA's forward Konstantin Okulov may reach 100 goals in the KHL (currently at 99).

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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