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Jokerit's fantastic streak may go on as the Helsinki side faces Severstal at home. Moscow will see three matches with Ak Bars, Barys, and Neftekhimik as opponents. Magnitka and Salavat Yulaev will remotely battle for Eastern Conference supremacy.

The team led by Lauri Marjamaki is having an incredible series, with ten wins in a row and several players pumping up their numbers. Severstal looks like a good victim for the Jokers, but underrating the opposition sometimes comes at hand when you get used to winning. Earlier in the gameday, Metallurg will also try to lengthen a hot streak facing Avtomobilist at home. Salavat Yulaev will battle with Magnitka in the standings with a home match against Sibir.

Things promise to be interesting in Moscow when CSKA faces Ak Bars with Adam Reideborn in excellent shape. Still, perhaps the most complicated task will be on Barys' netminders: will they be able to stop Vadim Shipachyov?

The third game in Moscow will see Spartak and Neftekhimik clash. Both sides are on a negative series; thus the fans are going to see the potential birth of a winning streak.

17:00: Metallurg (10-1-0) vs Avtomobilist (5-4-3)

About the game
Metallurg enters tonight's game, its third of a three-match home series, on a hot winning streak, having accrued eight straight victories.
Avtomobilist lost its three previous games and is at the final of a three-match road trip.
Earlier this season, Metallurg already defeated Avtomobilist (6:2)
Magnitka goalie Vasily Koshechkin's shutout streak is at 109:46. Its forward Maxim Karpov is on a three-game scoring streak, with 3 (1+2) points over that span. His teammate Andrei Chibisov is on a four-match scoring streak, with 4 (3+1) points.

Injury list
Metallurg: Grigory Dronov
Avtomobilist: Ilya Ovchinnikov, Maxim Rasseikin

17:00: Salavat Yulaev (10-1-0) vs Sibir (2-6-3)

About the game
Salavat Yulaev enters tonight's game on a three-game winning streak. It's its second and final game of a home series.
Sibir lost its previous four games. The Novosibirsk side is at its fourth of four straight away matches.
Salavat Yulaev's forward Markus Granlund is on a 5-game scoring streak, with 7 (1+6) points scored over that span. His linemate Sakari Manninen is on a 3-game scoring streak, producing 7 (4+3) points in the series.

Injury list
Salavat Yulaev: Philipp Larsen, Stepan Sannikov, Dinar Khafizullin
Sibir: Jyrki Jokipakka, Evgeny Chesalin

Milestone alert
Salavat Yulaev's forward Teemu Hartikainen may break the 400-point mark, currently sitting at 399.
Sibir's goalie Harri Sateri may reach 100 wins in the KHL (currently at 99).

19:00: CSKA (8-4-0) vs Ak Bars (7-3-2)

About the game
CSKA won its latest game and is at its second of a three-match home series.
Ak Bars lost its previous game and is at its second of a two-match home series.
Earlier this season, CSKA already defeated Ak Bars (2:1 OT), and its netminder Adam Reideborn is currently on a shutout streak of 113:25.

Injury list
CSKA: Artyom Blazhievsky, Andrey Svetlakov
Ak Bars: Kirill Panyukov

Milestone alert
Bogdan Kiselevich lines up for his 600th KHL game tonight.
Konstantin Okulov may reach 100 career goals (currently at 99).

19:30: Dynamo Moscow (10-1-0) vs Barys (4-5-2)

About the game
Dynamo Moscow enters tonight's showdown on a two-game winning streak and is starting a four-match home series.
Barys is at its second of three road matches and enters the game off a loss.
Dynamo Moscow's forward Vadim Shipachyov is on an incredible 11-game scoring streak, with 26 (9+17) points over that span.
Barys' forward Curtis Valk is on a 3-game scoring streak, with 7 (2+5) points.
Barys' forward Nikita Mikhailis is on a 10-game scoring streak, with 12 (4+8) points.
Barys' defenseman Darren Dietz is on a 4-match scoring streak, producing 5 (2+3) points for his team.

Injury list
Dynamo Moscow: Oscar Lindberg, Bogdan Trineyev, Artyom Fyodorov
Barys: Christian Thomas

Milestone alert
Barys' forward Curtis Valk may reach 100 career points tonight (currently at 99).

19:30: Spartak (6-6-0) vs Neftekhimik (5-5-1)

About the game
Spartak starts a three-match home series and lost its previous two games.
Neftekhimik is at its second of three road matches and lost its most recent contest.
Spartak has defeated Neftekhimik in the teams' latest five showdowns in Moscow. Its forward Dmitry Kugryshev is on a three-game scoring streak, with 3 (0+3) points over that span.
Neftekhimik's forward Dan Sexton is also on a three-game scoring streak, with 3 (0+3) points.

Injury list
Neftekhimik: Timur Sharifyanov

19:30: Jokerit (10-2-0) vs Severstal (6-4-1)

About the game
Jokerit enters the final of a three-game home series with a fantastic streak of ten wins in a row.
Severstal won its latest four games and is at the second road match of three straight.
Jokerit's forward Brian O'Neill is on a seven-game scoring streak, with 10 (1+9) points over that span.
Jokerit's forward John Norman is on a three-game scoring streak, with 4 (2+2) points.
Jokerit's d-man Tommi Kivisto is also on a three-game scoring streak, with 4 (1+3) points.
Both Severstal's goalies have active shutout streaks: 66:36 for Dmitry Shugayev and 63:05 for Konstantin Shostak.

Injury list
Jokerit: Henrik Haapala
Severstal: Vladislav Podyapolsky

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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