The KHL All-Star Game is always a great show. Players can relax and showcase all their fantasy. Yesterday, at the Skill Show, the crowd could admire Alexander Pushkin, the Witcher and real knights, and the next generation of KHL stars.

1. Semin and Rylov's sons steal the show

Where else can players showcase their sons and blood lines, if not at the All-Star Game? Vityaz's Alex Semin and Spartak's Yakov Rylov decided not to miss the opportunity. If Semin Jr is literally at his first steps on skates, Rylov already looks like a ready-to-go player. The Semins had a shootout attempt together, while Rylov Jr fooled out Torpedo's Andrei Tikhomirov with a fancy, jaw-dropping move. It looks like soon we'll see these plays not only at the All-Star Game.


2. A good heart from Ilya Sorokin

On December's tail, Ilya Sorokin visited the young patients of the Veltischev Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics. He didn't come with empty hands, distributing gifts to the guys, along with the most important thing – a moment of joy. However, also the young patients did something for him.

Sorokin brought with himself his goalie pads, asking the guys to make draws, promising them to wear his newly-decorated pads at the All-Star Game. Here, the main thing is that the pads will act as fundraisers, with the proceedings going for young Kazakh goalie Vilen Prokofiev's battle against cancer. Sorokin took advantage of the big scene to remind the crowd about his charity auction. "First of all, I want to greet Vilen Prokofiev! Vilen, you must be strong and keep holding on! We're always thinking of you!"


3. A 25th team for the All-Star Game

The teams' mascots are always among the starring of the All-Star Games. Gradually all the KHL clubs began to send their mascots to the show. In Moscow, they moved from just entertainment to the most serious business: they became, along with others, full participants of the opening ceremony. Divided into the League's four divisions, they welcomed their hockey players, and before that, they skillfully performed a dance.


4. Pushkin, Russian pancakes, and Khokhloma style

Since the first time the players had a chance to showcase their flair at the shootout creativity competition, their attempts turned into real theater representations, for a long time remembered by the crowd.

This year, most of the players had something for the fans. Chay Genoway had his attempt on a sweater decorated in the famous Russian Khokhloma style with the "Nizhny Novgorod lyrical" music theme, threw a tea party with a samovar on the bench, and presented Spartak goalkeeper Julius Hudacek with a bunch of rams. Dinamo Minsk's Vyacheslav Gretsky, dressed in the Belarusian national shirt, fed the Spartak goalie with Russian pancakes right in the crease. Darren Dietz, Barys' defenseman, represented himself as Alexander Pushkin and read a poem adapted to the All-Star Game's theme.


5. The Four T's

Before the FONBET 2020 KHL All-Star Game, the League revealed that four TV analysts will assist the Division team's head coaches on the bench – Denis Kazansky, Oleg Mosalyov, Dmitry Fedorov, and Leonid Weisfeld. They not only helped the best KHL coaches – Dmitry Kvartalnov, Igor Nikitin, Alexei Kudashov, and Bob Hartly – but had their own program. They decided to perform the popular Russian song "This city," by the Bravo, a local rock-and-roll band with a heavy influence from Western music. Maybe their performance wasn't perfect, but The Four T's gifted the crowd a memorable experience and a wave of emotions.


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