It is just one month, to the FONBET 2020 KHL All-Star Game, that will start on Jan. 18 in Moscow. However, today the fans have already the chance to have a look at the medals that the Kontinental Hockey League will award to every participant. This time around, the trophies are made in Zlatoust, with the renowned local steel engraving technique, developed in 1918.

The plant was established in 2002 and is known for its wide range of products, from badges and souvenirs to swords and interior design items. The masters can embody even the most daring ideas in metal and create unique works of art.  

The All-Star Week medals are made from brass LS63 with improved sliding properties and excellent hot working pressure.


The manufacturing process starts with the cut of a brass roll into a “puck” with a thickness of 8 mm. After that, by milling, the factory “cuts out” the groove for fixing the belt. The satin ribbon, with the FONBET All-Star Week branding, is then attached to a special inner pocket.

Surfaces and edges are then ground manually. With the help of the modern 3D technology, the drawing receives the volume than will then be embodied in the metal. This method allows for clear transitions in facets, text, and background structure. Finally, the medals are coated by traditional electroplating methods. The medals for the first place boast a gold 999 coating, while the second-place medals have a nickel coating, and the third-place ones present a copper one. The masters then add black enamel and paint with the finest brushes and needles.


The medals are then heat-treated in special furnaces. To add durability to the material, the masters hand-coat the surface with a protective lacquer.

On the center of the obverse, the FONBET KHL All-Star Week logo appears, while on the reverse side, the KHL logo is depicted.


Alexander Korostelyov, technical director of the Zlatoust Arms Factory:

- For us, the order from the Kontinental Hockey League was very valuable. It was the first order of this kind for us; it has been hard, but also very interesting. It was a new experience first of all for what regards the manufacturing process and especially for the manual application of black enamel. We spent some two months on this order. I think that we managed to satisfy all the requests of our client regarding the product’s quality and we can’t wait to be in January. We will definitely follow the All-Star Week to have a look at our products. Our masters are proud of the resonance our medals will have. We haven't been too busy with hockey before, but now we're going to plunge into it.

Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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