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Sochi saw plenty of action as Dinamo Riga battled back from 1-4 down to defeat SKA in the Sochi Hockey Open. Russia ‘B’ kept up its 100% record at the tournament with a 4-1 win over Lokomotiv. Spartak powered to an 8-0 win over Dynamo Pardubice at the Mountfield Cup. In Beijing, Kunlun Red Star picked up a second win over Chinese opposition in the Renaissance Cup.

Sochi Hockey Open

Four more goals for Russia ‘B’

Craig MacTavish enjoyed a win over Avangard in his opening game behind the bench with Loko – but he rang the changes here to rest Ty Rattie and Anton Lander, two of the key men in Saturday’s game.

Photo: 05.08.19. Sochi Hockey Open. Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) - Olympic Russia Team

The Lokomotiv head coach might also have been interested to watch Russia’s first line closely: Oleg Bratash deliberately selected four Lokomotiv players – Grigory Denisenko, Artur Kayumov, Denis Alexeyev and defenseman Daniil Misyul – on that top line to give them a chance to impress their new club bosses.

However, it was clear that there would be no concession offered to their clubmates: early in the game Kayumov crunched Alexander Kalinin into the boards to send a message about how this game would be played. In general, Bratash’s team impressed once again. For the second game running it not only won but scored four goals against a strong KHL outfit.

That offers a headache for MacTavish and his Avangard counterpart Bob Hartley. Both teams brought in new goaltenders over the summer, but neither Alexander Sudnitsin nor Alexander Lazushin impressed on their first outings for their new employers.

Craig MacTavish, head coach, Lokomotiv

Congratulations to Russia on the win. For a team that only just came together, they were really well organized. We had a chance to get back into the game when we were one goal down but nothing came off for us and we gave up goals in the third period. I really liked the way the Lokomotiv players on the Russian team performed: it was clear they formed an excellent power play unit.

Oleg Bratash, head coach, Russia ‘B’

This was another really good game, it’s really helpful for our young guys. They came up against an energetic opponent, but they coped with that and took charge of the game. I always planned to put four Lokomotiv players into the first line so they could make an impression on the new coaching staff in Yaroslavl.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 1 Russia ‘B’ 4 (1-2, 0-0, 0-2)

Goals: 1-0 Kovalenko (Polunin 4:56); 1-1 Yudin (Shvets-Rogovoi, Romanov 5:17); 1-2 Bryukvin (penalty shot, 15:52); 1-3 Yudin (Zhafyarov, Romanov 44:56); 1-4 Denisenko (Alexeyev, Misyul PP 46:55)

Goalies: Lazushin – Kochetkov

Four goals for Lehtera’s line but Dinamo wins a thriller

Dinamo Riga and SKA both began here with losses against host club HC Sochi. Dinamo, though, at least had the consolation of a bonus point after taking its first game to overtime.

Photo: 05.08.19. Sochi Hockey Open. SKA (St.Petersburg) - Dinamo (Riga)

SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov seems to have settled on his leaders already: despite defeat against Sochi, he left the top two lines unchanged. The bottom half of the line-up was much changed, though, with only three players continuing from yesterday’s loss. SKA coaches also decided to have a look at new goalie Ivan Nalimov, while Dinamo gave a chance to Maxim Tretyak, back at the club once again. Maxim’s grandfather, the great Vladislav Tretyak, was in Sochi to see the game.

Tretyak Jnr started with several big saves but was beaten when he found himself all alone in front of Jori Lehtera and Andrei Zubarev. The Finnish center got his first point for SKA, and his line continued to impress. The second goal involved all three of them in a beautiful piece of tic-tac-toe and four of SKA’s five goals came from that combination.

This game proved to be the highest-scoring of the tournament so far, with the teams sharing 11 goals. The third frame, in particular, brought a flurry of goal action, with the teams scoring three goals in 33 seconds at one point. Along the way, Dinamo fought back from 1-4 down, matching Avangard’s rally from 0-3 the day before. However, the Latvians went one better and managed to win the game thanks to Carter Ashton’s winner. The newcomer collected his fourth point of the game with that tally.

Alexei Kudashov, head coach, SKA

This game could be divided into segments. The first two periods were good for us, I enjoyed the way our offense was playing. But then we fell apart in front of our own net and allowed so many goals. We see Tkachyov as Tkachyov, not as a replacement for Nikita Gusev. Now we need to correct our mistakes, to understand what is working and what isn’t.

Girts Ankipans, head coach, Dinamo Riga

It was a fun game, even though we made a lot of mistakes at the start. Then we gained confidence, played closer to SKA’s players and took our chances. Tretiak played his first game, it wasn’t easy for him out there, but in the end he made a couple of big saves for us.

SKA St. Petersburg 5 Dinamo Riga 6 (2-1, 2-1, 1-4)

Goals: 1-0 Zubarev (Tkachyov, Lehtera 14:55); 1-1 Balinskis (Ashton, J Berglund 16:15); 2-1 Lehtera (Plotnikov, Tkachyov PP 19:54); 3-1 Dergachyov (Miromanov, Koskiranta 23:11); 4-1 Tkachyov (Lehtera 28:34); 4-2 Ullstrom (Redlihs, Darzins 37:00); 4-3 Berzins (Gegeris 46:00); 5-3 Lehtera  (Tkachyov, Plotnikov 46:18); 5-4 Jansons (Ashton 46:33); 5-5 Darzins (Ashton, Ullstrom PP 47:43); 5-6 Ashton (57:51)

Goalies: Nalimov – Tretiak

   Team  P  W   OTW   OTL   L  F-A  Pts
 1. Russia 'B'    2  2  0  0  0  8-4  4
 2. HC Sochi  2    1   1  0  0  4-2      4  
 3. Dinamo Riga  2  1  0  1  0      7-7  3
 4. Lokomotiv  2  1  0  0  1  4-7  2
 5. SKA  2  0  0  0  2  6-8  0
 6. Avangard  2  0  0  0  2  4-7  0

Mountfield Cup

Spartak thrashes Dynamo Pardubice

After opening with a shoot-out win against the host club in Hradec Kralove, Spartak faced more Czech opposition – and enjoyed a more comfortable margin against Dynamo Pardubice. Oleg Znarok rested five of the players from yesterday’s game but there was still no action for new signing Patrik Hersley.

The opposition has a few familiar faces: summer signings for Dynamo include defenseman Jan Kolar, late of Admiral and Amur, plus ex SKA, Severstal and Slovan goalie Jakub Stepanek. Tomas Rolinek, once of Metallurg and Salavat Yulaev, is also part of the Pardubice roster.

However, none of those featured in this game as the coaches put out a roster of youngsters and farm-club players. Not surprisingly, those hopefuls struggled against a KHL roster and Spartak jumped to a 2-0 lead early in the game and kept on scoring thereafter. Ilya Arkalov was ejected from the game for fighting, but not even that skirmish could impact the final, lopsided scoreline.

Dynamo Pardubice 0 Spartak Moscow 8 (0-2, 0-4, 0-2)

Goals: 0-1 Rylov (Talaluyev, Stolyarov 11:43); 0-2 Hanzl (Tsyplakov, Shabolovsky 13:42); 0-3 Zubov (Daugavins 23:20); 0-4 Tsyplakov (Shabolovksy, Hanzl 25:13); 0-5 Karsums (Arkalov, Kulik 30:25); 0-6 Leshchenko (Karsums, Hanzl 37:28); 0-7 Nikontsev (48:06); 0-8 Trishin (Daugavins 49:37).

Spartak goalies: Hudacek, Khomchenko

  Team  P  W  OTW    OTL    L  F-A  Pts
 1.  Spartak  2  1  1  0  0  10-1  5
 2.  Mountfield    2  1  0  1  0  7-4  4
 3.  Slovan  2  1  0  0  1  5-6  3
 4  Dynamo  2  0  0  0  2  0-11  0

Renaissance Cup

Kunlun wins another Chinese derby

Kunlun Red Star continues in its Renaissance Cup tournament and, for the second day running, took on Chinese opposition. After defeating ORG Beijing on Sunday, Monday brought a showdown with another VHL team, Tseng Tou Jilin, which has made the playoffs in both the seasons it has competed in Russia’s second tier.

Once against, KRS named a ‘Select’ roster built around guys likely to feature in the VHL next season. There were a few new faces in the Dragons team but the key contributions came from players who have shaped the outcome of the first two games: Rudi Ying kept up his scoring streak with a first-period goal to move to five from three games; triallist David Bondra scored twice to make it three in three and keep himself in the coaches’ thoughts. This second Chinese derby was another competitive affair, with the lead changing hands and the game remaining live until the final seconds.

Kunlun Red Star 5 Tseng Tou Jilin 3 (2-1, 1-1, 2-1)

KRS goals: 1-1 Ying (09:19); 2-1 Bondra (Mowrey, Jaw 13:31); 3-2 Bondra (Mowrey 34:59); 4-2 Joe (Seto 48:11); 5-3 Zesen (59:46 empty net)

Goalie: O’Brien

   Team  P  W  OTW   OTL  L F-A  Pts 
 1.  Yermak  3  0  1  0  11-4  5
 2.  University of Arizona    3  1  1  0  1  12-10  4
 3.  Kunlun Red Star  3  2  0  0  1  16-12  4
 4.  Tseng Tou  4  2  0  0  2  10-14  4
 5.  ORG Beijing  3  0  0  0  5-14  0
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