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Avtomobilist continued its pre-season build-up in the Czech Republic with a second warm-up game. This time the Ural club won 4-2 against Energia Karlovy Vary – but Pavel Datsyuk sat out the game once again.

Earlier in the week, Avto got its campaign underway with a 4-0 win over Pirati Chomutov despite resting its imports. This time, it was closer to a full-strength roster with the international brigade making a big contribution to the final scoreline. Peter Holland opened the scoring, Nigel Dawes increased the lead and Brooks Macek had an assist. Vladislav Gross kept goal.


Energia Karlovy Vary 2 Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg 4 (1-3, 0-0, 1-1)

Goals: 0-1 Holland (Sexton PP 5:53); 0-2 Dawes (Macek, Bodrov 8:45); 1-2 Safar (14:03); 1-3 Obidin (Gareyev 14:36); 1-4 Mozer (Kucheryavenko, Litovchenko 42:27); 2-4 Rogan (Kubka 47:00)

Goalies: Novotny - Gross

Andy Potts Andy Potts
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