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From Finland to Latvia to the Czech Republic, Dynamo historically showed a huge reach on the international market. Most of these players led the Blue-and-Whites to their two Gagarin Cups.

Leo Komarov

F, Finland, 210 games, 110 (44+66) points

Born in the USSR, grown-up in Finland, and an All-Star in Russia and North America. This is Leo Komarov, two-time KHL Gagarin Cup winner. The Narvia, Estonia, native never was an elite scorer, but he played hard all his 210 regular-season and 37 playoff games for Dynamo Moscow as he did in his career with all his other teams. The forward is a player who always gets under the skin of the opposition and does all it takes to win games. Such players are appreciated everywhere, and it’s not by chance that he also won an IIHF WC gold medal with Finland in 2011. Komarov was exceptional for Dynamo and one of the most beloved players for the Blue-and-Whites in the League’s history. Komarov is now a forward for the New York Islanders of the NHL.

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Martins Karsums

F, Latvia, 218 games, 117 (57+60) points

No other import player has scored as much as Martins Karsums did, not even Komarov. Also, not another import player has played as many games. Before moving to Moscow, the veteran forward spent four seasons at home, in Riga, where he was the captain of the team. Even without the C on his jersey, Karsums provided leadership and offensive skills to the White-and-Blues and was promoted to the alternate captain position in his last year with Dynamo, in 2017-18. Karsums always plays with lots of energy and other than an excellent scorer; he is also a great checker and was constantly in the first positions in the hits rankings for Dynamo. After five years wearing the D, the Latvian international moved to Spartak Moscow, where he will start the 2019-20 campaign.

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Juuso Hietanen

D, Finland, 216 games, 85 (34+51) points

One of the League’s top offensive defensemen, Juuso Hietanen first got to the KHL signing with Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, where he played four seasons. The Finnish international moved to Moscow in 2015 and established right away as one of the top blueliners for the Blue-and-Whites. His best season in Moscow was his second one when he had a career-high 12 goals and 30 points. In his time with Dynamo, the team enjoyed limited success in the postseason, and he is yet to celebrate a Gagarin Cup title. Hietanen is under contract with Dynamo for a further season.


Filip Novak

D, Czech Republic, 167 games, 68 (13+55) points

A real winner, Filip Novak was one of the top offensive defensemen in the League at the peak of his career. He first got to the League signing with Dinamo Riga in the KHL’s inaugural season. In the next summer, he moved to HC MVD, and he was then part of the Czech Republic’s team that won the IIHF WC gold medal in 2010. For the 2010-11 season, Novak finally joined Dynamo after the team merged with MVD. In his first season in Moscow, he played only 25 games, but in the next two seasons, he was instrumental in helping the team led by Oleg Znarok winning two straight Gagarin Cup titles. Novak played another two years with Dynamo, with his KHL career continuing with HC Slovan Bratislava and Traktor Chelyabinsk. The Czech defenseman ended his career at home in 2018.

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Marek Kvapil

F, Czech Republic, 127 games, 61 (26+35) points

If Marek Kvapil’s regular-season numbers are not all that impressive, more attention should be given to his excellent postseason performance. In his first two years with Dynamo, he posted 27 points in just 42 playoff games. With Dynamo, Kvapil was a clutch, gifted player with an excellent eye for the opposition’s crease and fine skating abilities. He played three years with the Blue-and-Whites, and his name will always be associated with the two Gagarin Cup triumphs in 2012 and 2013. In particular, Kvapil assisted his fellow countrymate Jakub Klepis to score the 2012 Gagarin Cup-clinching goal in the third period of Game 7 against Avangard in Omsk. The veteran forward got back home in 2016 and had an unsuccessful return to the KHL in 2017-18 with Amur, when he left the team after only 11 games. Next year, Kvapil will line up with HC Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic.

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Alessandro Seren Rosso Alessandro Seren Rosso
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