Following requests from the Refereeing Department, the KHL Disciplinary Committee has investigated two incidents from this week’s games in the Championship.

In the 36th minute of Monday’s match in Saint Petersburg between SKA and CSKA Moscow, the referee imposed a minor penalty (2 minutes) on visiting forward Ivan Telegin for Interference.

After studying the episode, the Committee found the player guilty of causing injury by checking to the head and neck area, for which Telegin receives a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes), a fine, and a one-game suspension.

In the 30th minute of Tuesday’s match in Omsk between Avangard and Lada Togliatti, visiting forward Anton Shenfeld was given a major plus game misconduct penalty for kneeing and injuring an opponent.

In this case, the Committee upheld the referee’s decision and ruled that the offense was one of serious foul play. As a result, in addition to a fine, Shenfeld has incurred the maximum five-game suspension.

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