The KHL Disciplinary Committee has reviewed two incidents from Game 3 of the Conference semi-final series between Metallurg and Sibir, played in Magnitogorsk on Monday evening. 

The 10th-minute brawl which erupted around Alexander Salak’s goal, and led to the Sibir keeper being sent off for the remainder of the game, has aroused considerable controversy in the media. After studying the episode, the Committee fully supports the referee’s decision. Salak clearly used his blocking glove to punch Metallurg forward Maxim Yakutsenya in the head, and according to Rule 540 point 7, this constitutes checking to the head and neck area. The match penalty (25 minutes) therefore remains in force, and this punishment automatically incurs a one-game suspension. 

The other incident to come under the scrutiny of the Disciplinary Committee was the 25th-minute clash involving Sibir’s Alexei Kopeikin and Metallurg’s Jan Kovar. After reviewing the available evidence, the Committee found Kopeikin guilty of slashing with intent to injure an opponent (Rule 537b) and has imposed a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes) on the Novosibirsk forward. As this is Kopeikin’s second game misconduct of the current season, he receives an automatic one-game suspension for repeat offending. Alexander Salak and Alexei Kopeikin are therefore disqualified from today’s Game 4 of the series.

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