Thursday’s incident-packed game in Khabarovsk between Amur and Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, in which the referees handed out more than two-and-a-half hours of penalty minutes, has come under the scrutiny of the KHL Disciplinary Committee. The Committee saw no reason to rescind or qualify any of the punishments issued by the officials; however, two of the incidents were deemed serious enough to incur additional disciplinary measures against the respective offenders: 

1) Nizhny Novgorod defenseman Pavel Valentenko, whose 23rd-minute attack on home forward Vyacheslav Litovchenko earned him a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes) for being the aggressor in a brawl, is disqualified for two games. 

2) Amur forward Mikhail Zheleznov was given a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes) in the 49th minute, for causing injury by checking to the head or neck area, after launching a blindside hit on Torpedo forward Sakari Salminen. For this offense, Zheleznov is banned for the maximum five games.

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