The KHL Disciplinary Committee was called into action to study an incident from Wednesday’s Championship game in Vladivistok between Admiral and Barys Astana. With forty seconds of regulation time remaining, Barys head coach Andrei Nazarov, clearly dissatisfied with the referee's decision to award a minor penalty against his team for having too many players on the ice, reacted in a highly aggressive manner and repeatedly made obscene gestures toward the match officials and spectators. 

The episode ended when the referee imposed a game misconduct penalty on Mr. Nazarov, sending him back to the locker room before the match had finished. After analyzing the incident in full, studying the video and photographic evidence, the official protocols, and the reports from the officials and inspectors, the Disciplinary Committee has decided to uphold the referee’s decision to punish Andrei Nazarov for committing several violations of Rule 551, Abuse of Officials and Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Team Officials. 

In light of the repeated and sustained nature of these violations, the Disciplinary Committee has suspended Mr. Nazarov for a total of six games and imposed a substantial financial penalty. The Committee has also fined both clubs - Barys for the behaviour of its staff, specifically for provoking conflicts both on the ice and on the benches, and Admiral for failing to provide the desired level of security needed to prevent such conflict situations at its arena.

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