The KHL Disciplinary Committee has reviewed an episode from Monday’s game in Podolsk, Moscow Region, between Vityaz and Metallurg Magnitogorsk.  

In the 28th minute, Metallurg forward Evgeny Timkin was handed a minor penalty (2 minutes) for charging, following a hit on Vityaz defenseman Mathias Porseland. After studying the challenge, the Committee has replaced the minor penalty with a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes) for checking to the head or neck area. 

This type of foul can incur further disciplinary measures, and in this case the Committee decided to suspend Timkin for the next four games in the Championship. The player will also be fined. 

The Committee also investigated the incident in the 52nd minute, in which Timkin received a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes) for being the instigator in a brawl, another offense which can lead to additional disciplinary sanctions. The Committee upheld the referee’s decision and has imposed on Timkin a one-game suspension and a further financial penalty. Evgeny Timkin is therefore banned for five games in total.

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