A Kontinental Hockey League commission of experts, led by Competitions Department head Sergei Kozlov and Security Department chief Andrei Zhuravlyov, has now completed its mandatory inspection of facilities at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, where debutant club Jokerit will stage its home games in the forthcoming Championship. The commission conducted a detailed examination of the ice palace to ensure the venue met the strict criteria set down in the KHL Regulations. The facilities for medical staff, referees and officials, journalists and other media personnel, the conditions of the changing rooms, and even the areas under the stands all came under intense scrutiny. 

Particular attention was paid to the issue of security during games, for both players and spectators. The specialists were happy to report that the Hartwall Arena, which has hosted three World Championships and numerous stages of the Eurotour, is already close to complying in full with the standards demanded by the Regulations, and that only a few minor improvements are needed before the start of the new season. 

The KHL Television Projects Department also paid a visit to the Arena and confirmed that all the facilities needed for high quality television broadcasts were in place. Pavel Kidisyuk, head of KHL-TV, assured hockey fans that they are in for a treat when they watch the League’s debutant club on their screens, as all of Jokerit’s home games in the KHL are to be broadcast in High Definition format.
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