Canadian rink for Lada

26 June 2014, 13:20

LADA-478x268.jpgLada has announced it will stage every home game of the forthcoming KHL season on a narrower, Canadian-style playing surface,  measuring 200ft by 85ft (60m by 26m)., with the aim of improving the spectators’ view from virtually all sectors of the stadium. The fans should also be treated to more hits and a faster game.

The club also looks for perfectly white ice, and it is hoped this will make it easier to follow the movements of the puck and thus increase the spectators’ enjoyment of the action. Staff at Togliatti’s Lada Arena are currently performing the technical work needed to make the ice clean and clear, all under the supervision of a Canadian company.

Canadian specialists will also be conducting training sessions for arena employees on the theory and practice of maintaining such rinks and continually monitoring the quality of the surface.


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