Most Viewed Fouls of 2013-14

21 June 2014, 00:01

All of us hockey fans admire the game’s aesthetic side - goals, combinations, saves - but now and then we like to see demonstrations of how not to play, so today we give you the five most frequently viewed fouls of the 2013-14 season.

In first place is this dirty hit from Severstal defenseman Kirill Sviyazov on Dynamo Moscow forward Maxim Pestushko. None of the match officials saw anything amiss, but the KHL Disciplinary Committee studied the incident and banned Sviyazov for ten games. Pestushko suffered severe concussion but made his return to the ice only two months later.

The runner-up for the most-viewed violation prize is this foul by Grigory Panin of Ak Bars on Medvescak forward Matt Murley. A second earlier, Panin fouled Murley and apparently believed the Zagreb player was feigning injury, so he decided to exact “revenge.” Unfortunately, Murley was still on his knees and did not see the follow-up hit coming. The Disciplinary Committee had no hesitation in handing Panin the maximum punishment, a ten-game ban, for striking an opponent in the head.

Salavat Yulaev’s Sergei Zinovyev is not the most subtle of centers, and 2013-14 was not the first season in which he attracted the attention of the Disciplinary Committee. This late challenge on CSKA defenseman Yakov Rylov resulted in a knee-to-knee collision which put the Moscow man out of action for a month and earned Zinovyev a four-game ban. This was the third most popular foul in our list.

In all his time as a player in the KHL and its predecessor, the Super League, Atlant forward Evgeny Artyukhin has never dipped below the 100-penalty-minutes mark in the regular season. This year was no exception – in fact, Evgeny set a personal “best” of 176 minutes, and he is at number four in our standings thanks to this foul: an extremely late hit on Traktor’s Evgeny Katichev in Artyukhin’s very first shift of the game. The Disciplinary Committee took an interest and deemed the offense worthy of a three-game ban. 

Our fifth and final foul is Lokomotiv defenseman Mikhail Pashnin’s attack to the head of Lev forward Jiri Sekac. Pashnin is no stranger to the Disciplinary committee and was banned for a grand total of 13 games over the course of last season.

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