All-Star quartet meets the mayor

11 January 2014, 18:30

Today, Kontinental Hockey League President Alexander Medvedev and KHL Commerce and Communications Vice-President Ilya Kochevrin joined All-Star Game team captains Ilya Kovalchuk and Sergei Mozyakin at an official reception given by Milan Ftáčnik, the current mayor of Bratislava. 

Mr. Ftáčnik told the delegation how much he had enjoyed the previous evening’s Legends Game and spoke of the genuine joy Slovakia’s hockey fans took from Slovan representing the country in the KHL Championship. He also proudly reminded the visitors that Slovan’s home games were invariably played in a stadium packed to the rafters, and he thanked the League for all it has done to further the development of hockey. 

The speeches were followed by an exchange of gifts, and Mr. Medvedev presented Mr. Ftáčnik with an All-Star Game player’s jersey, complete with the mayor’s name on the back and the number 5, explaining that the number was not chosen at random: “It’s only worn by players in the first line,” said the KHL president with a smile.
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